Ponder Studio Land Residency / Residencies

May 31, 2021

Organization Name: The Verdancy Project

Organization Location: Troutdale, OR

Type: Residencies

Fee: $20


Are you craving uninterrupted creative time to explore natural wonders? Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about building an ephemeral structure; or observing and recording how water moves; or listening for beats and rhythms in the wind through tree branches. The Verdancy Project’s Ponder residency offers time and space in an inspiring private location for you to explore these creative outlets.

Applications are now open! Successful applicants can schedule weekly or monthly visits with access to the land and/or a studio. You are welcome to use the land for research, observation, ephemeral structures, or inspiration for your creative projects. The only expectation is that your ventures will incorporate some type of ecological focus.


Opportunity Website