Post-Urban, an International Call for Works About What’s Next / Calls & Submissions

November 14, 2021

Organization Name: Manifest Creative Research Gallery

Organization Location: Cincinnati, OH

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $40


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists and designers to submit works that explore the concept of POST-URBAN, or What’s Next. This exhibit has no defined expectation for type, media, or style of work to be considered or selected.

What is going to change?

Our planet is changing, and our policies, economics, interactions both on-and-off line, all of that will have to follow suit. How will our homes and lifestyles adapt? Is the future utopian, full of high-speed rails and sleek buildings? Will we bury one another under a new layer of history? How densely can we live? How separated can we be? Will our coastlines be swallowed up, and fires eat the wilds and neighborhoods alike? Will we migrate? To where? Can we stop it? How?

What would that look like? How do creative ideas and expressions help resolve today’s approaches to this future for the better?

$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.

ANNUAL CASH AWARD: The annual Manifest Grand Jury Prize will result in the awarding of one significant cash prize ($5000) to a single work selected as the ‘best of the entire season’.

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