Processus: Making, Clarity and Atmospheric Perspective Online Workshop / Calls & Submissions

May 25, 2023

Organization Name: Arts Letters and Numbers

Organization Location: Averill Park, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The body is a palimpsest—a body becoming (questioning), clarified by atmospheric perspectives. The page is also a body. Is also a palimpsest. Process then, a continuation. Not to an end, but to an entering (of questions). Meaning is only in the making. You cannot solve a body, you cannot perfect the page, but where the body and the page meet becomes process, possibility.

Ed Sanders described the essence of investigative poetics as “lines of lyric beauty [that] descend from data clusters…a melodic blizzard of data-fragments.” The purpose of those data clusters is simple–to act so as to create more possibilities to act. Action fails when it does not create more possibilities to act. It is a process, not a means to an end.

In this 4 week workshop (3 weeks online, 1 week on-site) we will explore investigative poetics specifically within the context of making. You will be asked to investigate a process of making, whether it’s a creative process, a manufacturing process, or a natural process, and seek out new ways of seeing and understanding through poetry.

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