Production Incentive Program: Local Lens / Funding

December 31, 2020

Organization Name: Washington Filmworks

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Funding

Fee: Free


Washington Filmworks (WF) is the private non-profit organization that manages the
production incentive program as well as a diversity of resources for the creative
industries in Washington State. WF mission is to create economic development
opportunities by building and enhancing the competitiveness, profile and sustainability
of Washington State’s film industry.

In order to maximize the impact of the production incentive program, the $3.5 Million of
funding assistance allocated annually to the program will be reserved for projects that
are creatively driven by Washington residents in key positions.

WF offers funding assistance for qualified in-state expenditures of up to 30% for motion
pictures and episodic series with less than six episodes and up to 35% for episodic
series with at least six episodes. WF offers funding assistance for qualified in-state
expenditures of up to 15% for commercials.

In order to qualify for funding assistance, the production company must meet the
following minimum in-state spending thresholds:

• $500,000 Motion Pictures
• $300,000 Episodic Series (per episode)
• $150,000 Commercials

To qualify for funding assistance, each project must at a minimum meet the following

• A Washington resident must hold at least one of the following positions:
Director, Producer, Screenwriter.
• 75% of the paid labor force on a production must be Washington residents.
• 85% of all production days must take place in Washington State.

Additional factors will be given consideration by WF in its review of applications, including, without limitation the extent to which:

• Projects that are financed by Washington based corporations, companies
and/or individuals.
• Projects that include Washington residents as actors in one or more “starring” or
major role(s).
• Projects derived by a book, a life story, a screenplay or other creative work
based on or inspired by a source of content that is unique to Washington State
(by way of example only, a novel written by a Washington resident author, the
life story of a Washington resident or historical events in Washington’s history.)
• Projects that feature locations in Washington State as the principle scripted

Some Non-Resident labor may qualify. Please see the full Guidelines and Criteria on our website for further details.

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