Program Director / Employment

March 31, 2023

Organization Name: Coyote Central

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


Reports to: Executive Director
40 hrs/wk, Exempt
Salary: starting at $75,000- $80,000
Benefits: Medical, vision, and dental fully covered by Coyote’s health insurance plan; 2% company contribution to a SIMPLE IRA account (independent of any employee contribution); 20 days/yr PTO to start (up to 25 days/yr after 4 years) plus up to 40 hr/yr rollover; 10 paid holidays each year (7 standard and 3 floating) plus two weeks of company closure (one week in September and one week in December); 3 days of paid community service leave; Up to 8 weeks Coyote paid Family and Medical Leave

Coyote has a 30+ year reputation of putting professional tools in the hands of young folks, enabling them to discover just what they are capable of! The Program Director is responsible for holding that vision strong and strategizing its ongoing growth and success.

The Program Director is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and mentoring teachers while supporting the implementation of Coyote’s learning goals and strategies in core programming. They offer broad oversight of building use at both sites by prioritizing programming over other building uses. They play an active role onsite to support the Coyote programming staff. The PD is responsible for creating and stewarding relationships with relevant partners and community organizations in Seattle. Centering the needs of the community and potential partners, the Program Director designs new initiatives and partner programs that serve in mission-aligned and equitable ways, in partnership with the Program Managers at both Central and North, as well as the Executive Director.

Our ideal candidate is someone who:
– has a diverse perspective and lived experience
– is an effective leader, able to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously
– is excited about building programs and partnerships in both the Central District and Lake City
– is skilled in problem solving, strategic thinking, and creative exploration
– is personally committed to equity and inclusion with a willingness to self-reflect and continue learning
– is an excellent communicator that is capable of guiding and motivating a diverse group of folx
– is passionate about Coyote’s mission

We are looking for someone with experience:
– teaching, specifically in the arts
– managing and mentoring people
– evaluating programs using both qualitative and quantitative strategies
– using restorative justice for conflict resolution
– facilitating teacher training workshops
– pitching, installing, and/or coordinating public installations
– designing new programs

Program Direction & Vision (30%)
– Spearhead the direction of programs anchored in Coyote’s mission and the needs of the community
– Define and promote Coyote’s learning goals & teaching strategies
– Lead the design and implementation of programming norms and policies to ensure a strong and connected team across two sites.
– Collaborate with the ED to define the organizational strategic plan
– Lead EMs and PMs in gathering community voice in the program design and decision making process.

Teacher Hiring, Oversight & Evaluation (25%)
– Expands and manages Coyote’s teaching artist network and roster
– Leads the hiring, onboarding, and evaluation for Coyote teachers
– Provides high-level mentoring to Coyote teachers in course development and design, and classroom management
– Collaborates with the PMs to leads quarterly meetings/trainings for Coyote teachers based on Coyote’s learning goals
– Collaborates with the PMs and ED to design and deliver bi-annual professional development for teachers Coyote-wide
– Collaborates with the PMs to leads classroom observations and reviews
– Collaborates with the Finance & Administration Director (FAD) to gather regular feedback from teachers
– Collaborates with the FAD to analyze quarterly data and feedback to revise program design, description, and delivery

Core Programming Oversight (15%)
– Responsible for programmatic calendar
– Supports core programming onsite at least twice each quarter.
– Collaborates with the Program Managers (PMs) to ensure consistent programming is offered Coyote-wide
– Supports PMs in regular communication with teachers
– Supports the FM in planning for new medium set-ups and studio/space use modifications
– Supports Engagement Managers (EMs) with high level oversight of conflict resolution, class recruitment, community building, and family / youth engagement and experience.

Programming Staff Management & Culture (15%)
– Mentors EMs and supports them in recruiting/enrollment for both sites
– Mentors PMs and supports them in building the core programming and partner programming schedules
– Spearheads and designs initiatives and norms that center community and keep Coyote’s culture vibrant
– Stewards community-based exercises for Coyote staff/teachers
– Ensures that Coyote culture is being upheld in all events, projects, activities, etc.

Partnerships & Special Programs (15%)
– Develops relationships with relevant partners that expands our reach
– Collaborates with Development Director (DD) to identify and design deliverables for relevant funding opportunities to support new and existing programs
– Collaborates with the PMs to develop youth leadership programs and other new programs that meet the needs of the community
– Develops, stewards, and oversees Coyote’s public art programs
– Ensures that all public art represents Coyote, its artists, and students in the best light possible

Please complete our online application (includes a spot to upload your resume) by March 31.

MISSION: Coyote sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their futures.
VISION: An equitable world powered by curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

YOUTH IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT: The heart of what we do. We count on self-reliance to fuel curiosity and creativity.
FEARLESS EXPLORATION: We trust the process of taking creative risks. There is no one path and no one right answer.
REALIZING POTENTIAL: We rely on challenges and high stakes to encourage surprising outcomes and self-discovery.
EXPERTS AND BEGINNERS SIDE BY SIDE: We thrive in collaborative spaces where everyone is an equal partner in learning.
MAGNETIC CONNECTIONS: Our collective success is built on listening, powerful relationships, and igniting one another’s strengths.
HAVING FUN: Creativity is contagious. Spread the joy.

Coyote strives to lead with equity in everything we do. We acknowledge that our communities have been adversely affected by longstanding white supremacy and privilege, creating barriers in access to creative opportunities for low-income communities, immigrant and refugee communities, and communities of color. We aim to dismantle these barriers by engaging diverse voices in our decision- making processes and continually pursuing new knowledge about equity. We approach our equity work with respect, humility, and accountability, and with an organization-wide commitment to doing better.

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