Public Art for UNL College of Engineering / Calls & Submissions

March 27, 2022

Organization Name: UNL College of Engineering

Organization Location: Lincoln, NE

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $10


UNL is home to the sole College of Engineering in the state of Nebraska, supplying engineering education and leadership in technology-based economic development for the state, the nation and the world. The College of Engineering offers the state’s only nationally accredited undergraduate degree programs, as well as 13 master’s programs and 11 doctoral programs. This is a major project to expand and renovate the College of Engineering complex and create a large green space and pedestrian walk way.

What was once used for car traffic, 17th street will be transformed into a green space and the site for this artwork project. The green space will be surrounded by the expanded engineering complex as well as student residence halls and food services.

The new lawn at the crux of the complex activity will be a more pedestrian and linger-friendly lawn space. This public art project aims to place a large, permanent sculpture at the central focal point on the complex, that reflects or inspires the innovations of the programs surrounding it.

The goal for this artwork is to be both eye-catching and inviting, and to encourage people to linger and use the space – so the artwork should be interesting to view both at a distance and close-up. The Committee uses words like dynamic, interactive, relatable, and envisions something bold, with significant and possibly vertical presence.

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