Remember to Forget- Audio Submission / Calls & Submissions

December 15, 2020

Organization Name: Jennifer Lindsay

Organization Location: Toronto, Canada

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


You are invited to submit an audio recording for Remember to Forget.

About: Remember to Forget seeks to answer the question, what does memory sound like? Part of answering this question involves one of the most common rituals of remembering: the act of repetition. Learn more about this project by clicking on the project link.

Instructions: Call +1 647-793-7069 and leave a phone message repeating the words listed below. If you are feeling fancy, and want to prepare an MP3 of your recording, email it to me. Have fun and share widely. Questions? Contact me.

I can’t remember
I forgot
I am drawing a blank
It doesn’t come to mind
I am trying to find the word
I don’t know
And you never forget where you are
Forget it
Before I forget
Refresh my memory
If my memory serves me correctly
This will jog my memory
Memory palace

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