RFP Public Art at the Durham Science Center / Calls & Submissions

October 6, 2022

Organization Name: Nebraska Arts Council

Organization Location: Omaha, NE

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $10


The University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) campus is located in the heart of Omaha which is a major metropolitan city within the Midwest. The Durham Science Center (DSC) is the academic home for the physical and mathematical sciences departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. These include Chemistry, Geography and Geology, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics. DSC is also home to the Mallory Kountze Planetarium, Math Science Learning Center, as well as the Aim for the Stars summer camps.

Site and Artwork Overview
The Committee is primarily comprised of faculty from the different disciplines within the Durham Science Center. The overarching goal is to create an inviting space with a sense of the key disciplines studied within the building. The Committee discussed work that portrays what it is like to be in a research lab, studying in depth different elements of the world, and then taking that knowledge and discoveries into the real world beyond the lab. The committee would like to see artwork with an interactive quality, whether it is something students can take photos with, physically or mentally engage with, or which transforms the space in such a way that interacting with the art is inherent.

There are a few different options that artists can consider when applying for this project, please write in the artist’s statement which site is preferred. Only one artist will be selected for the full budget listed. Artists can choose the two entrance study areas, the South Entrance building façade, and/or a sculptural installation on the second floor mezzanine. Artists can propose artwork for all three options or one. Artists will not necessarily gain preference for proposing multiple sites. If multiple sites are selected, there should be a common thread that carries through all the sites. Artists must consider longevity of materials and maintenance methodology, especially for an exterior piece or for any work that is physically interactive. Full renderings and department descriptions on this Google Drive page: https://bit.ly/3wIKSwx

Site Option descriptions (images on following pages):
1) Entrance Study Areas: The building has two main entrances, one to the north which is a direct entrance from the parking lot and Dodge St and one to the south, which leads into the campus. The renovated building will expand both entrances to include large study areas. This site can include a wall or glass treatment. Work can protrude from the wall, but should follow ADA guidelines. The Committee hopes to hire one artist who can provide an artwork for both the north and south entrance vestibules.
2) Exterior Wall Sculpture: The south entrance, which faces the campus, has large brick exterior walls surrounding the entrance. The site can be for a large low-relief sculpture to attach to the brick . The glass is unfortunately off limits for this site.
3) Mezzanine Sculpture: A primary study and meeting place with a large vertical presence and a glass ceiling atrium. The third floor has a walkway through the space, dividing it into the north and south mezzanine. For this project, artists would create work for the north side of the second floor mezzanine. The south side will feature the original 1% for Art piece for this building’s construction, as seen here: https://www.artworkarchive.com/profile/nebraskapublicart/artwork/transponder

A maximum of $135,485 is allocated for this project. All expenses for the selected design and commission are the responsibility of the artist/team, including but not limited to: travel/lodging, fabrication and supplies, installation expenses (as needed: engineering, rigging, equipment rental, etc).

The Durham Science Center Selection Committee, in consultation with the NAC, has full oversight for the selection of an artist for this project. Professional public artists/teams within the U.S. are eligible. The committee reviews RFQ submissions on SlideRoom. Finalists will receive a presentation honorarium and a travel stipend, if applicable. Finalist presentations should include concept, design, detailed budget for the available funds, installation method, projected maintenance.

The Selection Process is based primarily on Letter of Interest, Compatibility and Appropriateness of work for the site, Letter of Interest and the clarity of the conceptual approach, and evidence of the ability to complete similar or adjacent projects.


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