RFQ for Homestead Park / Calls & Submissions

January 20, 2022

Organization Name: City of University Place & GGLO - Homestead Park

Organization Location: University Place, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free



Project: Homestead Park – University Place, WA

Budget: $90,000

University Place invites public artists to apply for an opportunity to design and fabricate sculptural elements for Homestead Park in University Place, WA. The City intends to award the contract to one artist; however, the City reserves the right to award the opportunity to more than one Applicant, or no Applicants if none of the applicants are deemed acceptable. The artist will contract directly with the city of University Place.
Project Vision
The homestead Park renovation will include (2) Gateway Sculptures that will welcome visitors into the park as well as (3) Community Gathering Art Pieces in seating areas throughout the park. Art should be inspired by the cultural and environmental influences of the Site, City and Region. The goal will be for an expressive, engaging site element representing genius loci of the site, cohesive with the overall design for the project.
Project Budget
Total project budget inclusive of design, fabrication, and structural support costs $90,000.
Artist Scope of Work
The art scope will include the following:
• Design, Fabrication and Delivery of (2) Gateway Sculptures at size and material appropriate for a public park gateway sculpture and (3) Community Gathering Art Pieces.
• Coordination with Design Team, Structural / Electrical Engineers, and General Contractor as required and in a timely manner. A field visit to the site should be included to become familiar with the context and site constraints.
• (3) Design Team and Owner Presentations for preliminary concept design, final concept design, and shop drawing or sim. documentation demonstrating design detail for material, assembly, and attachments
o Design shall include appropriate “pick points” for use in installing the sculpture with an appropriate hoisting device.
o Shop drawings shall identify weight of sculpture for respective footing design and hoisting requirements.
o Provide templates for anchor bolt installation in the field. Slotted attachment point shall be used where possible to facilitate installation. Artist to inspect anchor bolt layout prior to concrete pour.
o Artist to attend pre-installation meeting with general contractor and hoisting company to review hoisting and installation sequencing 2 weeks prior to installation date.
o Artist to provide any temporary bracing or other devices to keep sculpture stabilized during hoisting and installation. Artist to remove bracing and “touch up” sculpture as required after installation is complete.
Design Assumptions
• The Project Team Structural Engineer will provide footing and anchoring design for the art elements.
• Artist will coordinate with Lighting Designer & Electrical Engineer for the art elements, including color changing lights.
• The General Contractor will provide footings and anchors for the art elements.
• The materials shall be durable and weatherproof, require minimal maintenance, withstand graffiti and “minor” vandalism.

Project Timeline
Description Date
Call to Artist Released January 06, 2022
Questions/ Clarifications due via email by January 13, 2022 at 5:00pm
APPLICATION DEADLINE January 20, 2022 at 5:00pm
Artist Interviews Week of January 24th 2022
Final Artist(s) Selection Week of January 31st 2022
Meeting 1 – Preliminary concept design February 2022
Meeting 2 – Final concept design March 2022
Meeting 3 – Shop drawing / design details April 2022
Installation TBD 2022

The timeline is intended to provide artists, who are interested in applying, a loose framework for project phase expectations. The timeline, with exception to dates relating to the call-to-artists, are subject to change based on the approval process and needs of the overall project.

Application Process
Please submit an electronic (pdf) Qualifications in 8.5”x11” format to GGLO per the Project Timeline. Qualifications should be sent to Phil Decker GGLO Project Manager via e-mail: pdecker@gglo.com.
Qualifications shall include:
• Narrative statement describing your background and experience (3 pages total)
• Brief Narrative describing your approach to this project (3 pages total)
• List of (3) recent comparable projects
• (3) References including name, title, organization, phone number and email address

We anticipate interviewing up to (3) short listed artists 1 week after receipt of qualifications. Questions may be directed to Phil Decker, GGLO via email.
The Selection Committee will include members of the Design Team, City of University Place and UP for Arts.
Qualifications Documents
• Request for Qualifications
• Homestead Park – Project Background Information
Contact Information


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