RFQ for Integrated Artwork / Calls & Submissions

January 17, 2020

Organization Name: Friends Of the Winthrop Library

Organization Location: Winthrop, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


December 18, 2019

RE: Friends of the Winthrop Library (“FOWL”) Request for Qualifications

We are forwarding you this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) for art integrated into the construction of Winthrop, Washington’s new public library.

Based upon the responses to this RFQ received by the due date indicated below, FOWL will determine a short list of prospective artists to design and assist in the creation of public art projects that will be integrated into the construction of the library building. A detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) will then be provided to each of the short-listed artists; responses to the RFP will then be evaluated by the FOWL Art and Culture Team, and artists will be selected, based on the evaluations.

Please note that RFPs will only be provided to those artists who provide complete and timely responses to this RFQ.


FOWL is overseeing the construction of a new public library in Winthrop, through collaboration with the Town of Winthrop, the State of Washington, and the North Central Regional Library District (“NCRL”). The library will be a 7,300-SF, single-story structure and will be located on White Road, between the intersections of Norfolk Road and Greenwood Road with White Road, immediately west of the new Little Star Montessori School. The address will be 112 Norfolk Road, Winthrop, Wash., 98862.

Due to stipulations relating to the portion of capital funds originating from the State of Washington, construction of the library must adhere to a strict schedule or risk loss of such state funds. At present, construction is targeted to begin late spring 2020 and end before spring 2022. The project has a budget for art integrated into the construction.

The artist or artists chosen to provide art will be asked to adhere to the FOWL Art & Culture Team’s mission statement, which stipulates that “Our mission is to curate art that reflects a sense of the Methow Valley and promotes visual literacy.” The art should represent the community, including its settlement heritage, the indigenous peoples of the Methow Valley, and possibly military veterans and Nordic Olympians.

Any exterior art must be approved by the Town of Winthrop’s Westernization Committee’s building code: https://www.codepublishing.com/WA/Winthrop/html/Winthrop15/Winthrop1508.html

Information on the library project and FOWL can be found at www.winthroplibraryfriends.org

The timeline for public art integrated into the construction will be as follows:

RFQ responses are due January 17, 2020.
RFPs will be issued January 24, 2020.
RFP responses will be due February 21, 2020.
Complete designs of integrated art will be due March 20, 2020.
Due dates for actual art products to be incorporated into the construction is TBD, but the earliest due date would be late summer 2020.

ARCHITECTURAL TEAM: Seattle-based Johnston Architects and Prentiss + Balance + Wickline Architects
FOWL BOARD MEMBER CONTACT: Bruce Honsinger, vice chair, FOWL board of directors, bruce.honsinger@gmail.com
RFQ PRIMARY POINT OF CONTACT: Penelope Varn, ArtRFQ.FOWL@gmail.com; 206-724-8501

RFQ RESPONSES: Complete responses to this RFQ must be provided in a single email to the RFQ point of contact (ArtRFQ.FOWL@gmail.com) with a CC to Bruce Honsinger, no later than 6 PM PST, January 17, 2020.


Your response to the RFQ must contain explicit responses to each of the following:

1. A statement of interest in providing integrated public art to the Winthrop Library Project;
2. A statement detailing your relevant experience that qualifies you to design and manage the creation and installation of art integrated into the construction of a new public building;
3. A statement acknowledging that you (a.) understand the importance of adhering to the project schedule, as described above, and (b.) detailing your availability to execute the requirements of your role in this project within the above-described schedule;
4. At least three project references, including contact information for such references; and
5. At least three, but no more than 10, high-resolution photographs of completed projects, along with the names, completion dates, and locations of those projects.

Thank You,

Penelope Varn
Chair, FOWL Art & Culture Team


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