RFQ: Reforesting the Central Area / Calls & Submissions

September 13, 2023

Organization Name: Garfield Super Block

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The Garfield Super Block Coalition (GSB) is seeking an artist to create three
separate tree stump designs to be used for seating that will be fabricated by a third
party for the site of the Garfield Super Block.
Scope of Work:
Theme: Reforesting the Central Area
The present reality of the Central Area is the urban village, a strategy of rezoning for
maximum building height that, some would argue, helped speed up the process of
gentrification and displacement in the neighborhood. At this moment in time, it is hard to
imagine a pre-settlement, pre-industry, and pre-peopled reality. The Garfield Super
Block Art Team asks that an artist join the design team, in collaboration with the
landscape architects, to envision a “reforested” space that honors the history of the land
and the roots systems that connect us to the past and future. This project represents
trees, stumps, roots, and other biome that would have occurred naturally in the area.
They will be utilized as sculptural seating elements in the park and should also remind
us of the true scale of nature in relation to the human body.
The artist will submit final designs to a mutually decided upon fabricator for construction
and installation. Materials will be decided upon mutually with the design team and
landscape architects. This commission is for DESIGN ONLY.


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