Rural, an International Call for Works Exploring the Countryside / Calls & Submissions

November 11, 2021

Organization Name: Manifest Creative Research Gallery

Organization Location: Cincinnati, OH

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $40


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists and designers to submit works that are about or depict the Rural countryside. This exhibit has no defined expectation for type, media, or style of work to be considered or selected.

Living in the “countryside” is often framed, maybe romanticized, as a lifestyle more in touch with the land, historically because the settlements around it are supported by its cultivation. (How have the economics of rural living changed?) People here live more distantly, and accordingly develop different kinds of family and networks to relate. Distance creates new customs—conventionally a sense of independence and self-reliance. (What do we rely on rural communities for? What do rural communities rely on?) The landscape is a little more uninhabited, but it is still well-mapped and divided. What does a rural home look like? A rural school? A rural place of worship? A rural life? A rural philosophy?

Where does ‘rural’ begin and end?

$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.

ANNUAL CASH AWARD: The annual Manifest Grand Jury Prize will result in the awarding of one significant cash prize ($5000) to a single work selected as the ‘best of the entire season’.

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