Sculpture Salmagundi 2021 / Calls & Submissions

July 30, 2021

Organization Name: Maria V. Howard Art Center

Organization Location: Rocky Mount, NC

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Meaning a heterogeneous mixture or potpourri, this exhibit brings together a wide variety of artists, materials, and ideas. This national outdoor sculpture competition is sponsored by the City of Rocky Mount through the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences. The primary purpose of Salmagundi is to recognize and promote excellence in public art and sculpture while encouraging people to explore Downtown Rocky Mount, the Parks, and the Imperial Centre.

Work must be original, executed within the past three years, and not previously exhibited at The Maria V. Howard Arts Center. Any artist 18 years of age or older, living and working in the U.S. is eligible to enter. Work must be suitable for outdoor weather and public interaction for at least one year.

• Selected sculptures for the Salmagundi exhibition will receive a $1,000 honorarium to be processed after installation. Payment cannot be processed until vendor forms are completed. The city releases the check via mail.
• One work will be selected for an additional $1,000 Best in Show Award, chosen by our juror. This award is announced at the Opening Reception.

1. The exhibition is juried by a contracted, unbiased juror established in sculpture media. Selected works are exhibited for approximately one year on the grounds of the Imperial Centre, in Downtown Rocky Mount, or in the Rocky Mount Parks System.
2. Three outdoor works may be submitted per artist. Only one image per submission is permitted.
3. Sculpture must withstand high traffic, severe weather conditions, and pose no threat to public safety. Sculpture pad locations include parks and other city spaces. Works must be secured to concrete pads with anchor bolts unless they meet criteria to be displayed without additional stabilizing devices.
4. If at time of selection, the Curator deems a selected work potentially unable to meet the criteria of high traffic, severe weather conditions or potentially dangerous to the public, the sculpture will either not be installed, or the artist will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the Arts Center/City of Rocky Mount from any reimbursement or indemnity related to the sculpture.
5. Artists are responsible for timely installation and removal of all works by appointment (see schedule for available dates and times). Artists must submit installation specifications such as backhoe requests and equipment required, such as a hammer drill and/or ladders. The Arts Center will supply hammer drill & bits, 1” or ¾” bolts, socket set, pre-scheduled backhoe dates (all artists with this need must comply to one of the selected dates or schedule a crane at their own expense). The artist may request physical assistance from the Arts Center during installation and removal of works. Please include any additional information that may be helpful for sculpture placement and installation.
6. The Arts Center provides concrete pads that range in size and is not responsible for specialized pad requirements, but artists may make special arrangements at their own expense with permission of the Arts Center. Pads range from 4’x4’ to 8’x8’ squares.
7. Artists must submit audio for Otocast, a free app for your smart phone or tablet. This app is used to direct viewers to the sculpture, provide photos and audio, and is a voting portal for the People’s Choice Award.

Adam Walls has taught at UNCP since 2007. His previous teaching experience includes Limestone College , USC-Upstate, and an assistantship with Winthrop University. Before teaching at the college level, Adam has taught six years in the public school system, three years for art centers and other private institutions, and operated his own ceramics studio where he taught pottery and won numerous awards for his ceramics as well as his wood working and steel fabricated sculptures.

He received his MFA in Sculpture from Winthrop University in 2005 and his BA in Art Education from Limestone College in 1996. He is a member of CAA and Tri-State Sculptors. Adam’s sculpture has been exhibited in numerous sculpture parks and sculpture exhibitions across the country. Adam’s current work is predominantly monumentally scaled steel fabricated forms which often reflect his interest in escapist fantasy.

As an educator with over a decade of teaching experience, Adam’s dedication to his students is embodied in his pedagogy. He covers a variety of subjects that include steel fabrication, plaster casting and carving, wood working, the creation of volumetric forms using found objects, stone carving, and the creation of functional art and sculptural prosthetics. His teaching philosophy promotes students to find their own voice and to make use of a variety of materials to do so.

Preliminary judging is conducted by digital images of artist submissions. All entries are presented to the juror anonymously. If upon delivery, an accepted artwork is found to have been misrepresented or is a hazard to public safety, it may be disqualified from the exhibition. The juror will select Best in Show after viewing all sculptures in person. The juror may use audio as a component in their decision for Best in Show.

Artists may enter up to three (3) total outdoor works at no charge. Each artwork may be represented by one photograph. Images will be submitted via google form with all additional submission information. Any image containing the addition of the artist’s name will be disqualified. All artists must submit their entries via this GoogleForm. Any technical difficulties with submissions can be directed to

Images of accepted works will be retained by the Arts Center for our archives and publicity purposes. Notification of acceptance will be mailed the week of August 16, 2021. Best in Show winner will be selected by the juror after the exhibition is installed and announced at the Fall Exhibition Opening Reception on Sunday, November 7, 2021.

All artists who are accepted into this show must be willing to provide information (written and/or audio) to Otocast. The deadline to submit audio is October 25, 2021. Otocast is a national app that focuses on historic sites, sculpture, and other “must see” outdoor media. Otocast will also be used as an informational tool for visitors to get more details about the sculpture and artists.

Entry in this exhibit establishes an agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions listed in the prospectus and is a contract to exhibit entries selected by the juror. Substitutions for entries sold or otherwise committed before acceptance are not allowed.

The Arts Center will retain a 40% commission on works sold. Works listed not for sale (NFS) must have an insurance value for Arts Center records.

Accepted Entries will be insured by the City of Rocky Mount from the time of installation through the stated removal dates for 60% of the listed retail price. Please note in the instance of a claim, artists will be held responsible for adequate proof of value before compensation is provided. Works designated as NFS must have a stated insurance value and will be held to the same burden of proof if a claim is reported. Insurance on works will end 30 days after the exhibition closes and will become the property of the Arts Center if not retrieved by November 1, 2022, unless other arrangements are made in writing and with consent of the curator. Artists whose work is deemed unable to withstand afore-mentioned conditions of weather and public interaction by the Curator at time of selection or installation will be asked to sign a waiver releasing the Arts Center/City of Rocky Mount from responsibility for insurance. Any exhibiting artist may opt to purchase additional insurance independently.

Artists are responsible for all packing / shipping and return packing / shipping costs and arrangements to and from the Arts Center. Insurance during transit is the responsibility of the artist. The Arts Center cannot accept money for shipping and is not responsible for works lost, stolen, or damaged once picked up by the shipper / transporter.

Installation/Removal of works is by appointment only and will be coordinated between the participating artists and Arts Center Staff. The Arts Center will provide a backhoe on a specified date(s) coordinated among all artists with this requirement.

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