Security Guard – Temporary / Employment

September 12, 2022

Organization Name: Henry Art Gallery

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


This position is temporary through October 28, 2022.
The Security Guard at the Henry art Gallery is responsible for safeguarding the museum’s collections, exhibitions, property, employees, and visitors through highly proactive, appropriately preemptive, and immediately responsive action. Inspects and patrols all museum spaces; monitors and operates the alarm, access, and closed circuit camera systems; watches for, responds to, reports, and addresses potential security and safety hazards and problems, checks entrances and exits. Maintains security logs and reports, and performs other security duties as assigned.

STATUS: Temporary; FLSA non-exempt; Non-benefitted

REPORTS TO: Facilities and Operations Manager

PAY: $22 per hour

SCHEDULE: 36 hours per week, Thursday-Sunday; through 10/28


Museum Patrol, Report, and Response
• Regularly and proactively inspecting and patrolling museum premises to ensure a safe and secure environment for visitors, employees, and art
• Being vigilant, and reporting and addressing real and potential safety and security threats, hazards, and unusual situations, including but not limited to fire, theft, accidents, trespassing, vandalism, and suspicious activities
• Conducting opening and closing art checks
• Reporting art checks throughout the day as needed
• Ensuring museum entrances and locks are properly secured; prevent unauthorized removal of property/art
• Consistently providing a high level of security and customer service to museum employees and visitors; maintain order among the public
• Enforcing visitor and employee compliance with established museum and University of Washington safety and security policies while maintaining a polite demeanor
• In collaboration with Visitor Experience staff, providing assistance to visitors and maintaining crowd control
• Assisting in light building maintenance duties and setting up or breaking down for events and programs as needed

Monitoring and Access Control
• Operating and monitoring alarm, access, and closed circuit camera security systems; acknowledging and handling incoming alarms and messages; performing appropriate dispatch duties; communicate with supervisor and others in the museum per established protocol
• Monitoring access and use of the loading dock
• Updating and maintaining security logs and related security documentation per protocol; creating and submitting incident reports in a timely manner
• Opening and closing all areas of the museum each day
• Ensuring only authorized personnel enter the Administrative Offices and other secured museum areas
• Issuing and maintaining security logs, forms, and reports, including those for security badges and keys, including art incident reports
• Handle incoming and outgoing packages for staff and vendors
• Serving as back up to Visitor Experience Team for answering and facilitating incoming telephone calls to the museum

Emergency Preparation
• Participating in drills and practice sessions for fire, earthquake, evacuation, first aid/CPR/AED, and other emergency situations
• Responding to all emergencies within the museum as they occur
• Assisting in the evacuation of visitors and staff, providing guidance to proper evacuation routes
• Contacting emergency response services (e.g., fire department, UW security, police, etc.) as required for emergency situations
• Acting as primary response and liaise with UW police and fire departments
• Providing backup after-hours alarm response (as assigned)
• Other duties as assigned


• Keen ability to observe, report, and respond to safety and security issues in both public and sensitive museum areas; ability to exercise good judgment and respond appropriately
• Skill in interacting diplomatically with the public; ability to maintain composure in the face of resistance, indifference, or hostility; ability to provide excellent customer service
• Ability to effectively communicate with people in stressful situations and gather relevant information in the event of security or safety related incidents
• Skill in working collaboratively on a team
• Demonstrate professionalism, initiative, and diligence in regard to safety and security matters
• Working knowledge of standard security practices and systems
• Ability to follow directions and apply attention to detail
• Ability to handle sensitive and confidential matters with discretion and tact
• General knowledge of First Aid, CPR, and AED preferred

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