Seeking Mural Design / Calls & Submissions

January 15, 2023

Organization Name: North Seattle College

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The Art Council at North Seattle College is seeking artists who identify as Latine to design a mural that welcomes the Latine community on our campus. Designs should center Latine heritage and identities through explicit and celebratory use of symbol, pattern, color and/or imagery. The mural will be transferred to the wall and painted by students enrolled in ART 204: Mural Art at North Seattle College in the spring of 2023. In order to ensure successful implementation of the design we ask that it keep large areas of text, detailed figures and photorealism to a minimum.

This call will happen in two rounds. For Round One we are not asking for a specific design proposal but rather looking to identify artists that would like to be considered for the design phase process. From the initial pool of artists that express interest, 2-3 will move onto Round Two and will be invited to submit a design to-scale created specifically for our campus location. We will choose one artist to move on to the Final Round to finalize the design.

Round One
Interested artists should submit the online application form which asks for 6 images of past work, work sample image description list, a CV or list of prior art related activities, and 1-2 references.

Round Two
If chosen from Round One, the artist will be asked to submit a design to-scale, created specifically for our campus location. The 2-3 artists who are asked to submit a design will be compensated $500 for their time.

Final Round
From there, one artist will be chosen and asked to fully finalize, grid, color number and prepare the design to be translated, as well as commit to 2-3 speaking engagements with the campus. An additional $4000 will be awarded to the artist chosen for the final design.

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