Seeks Artist for T-Shirt Design / Calls & Submissions

May 15, 2022

Organization Name: The Northwest Community Bail Fund

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The Northwest Community Bail Fund is seeking an artist to work with to create t-shirt design. (We may want to use the design for other merch as well, but a t-shirt is our primary goal. The design will also likely appear on social media and our website) We are a nonprofit organization advocating for bail reform and working to minimize the harm of the cash bail system by paying bail for people who would otherwise spend the pre-trial time in jail. Please see ‘Final Project Requirements’ for more details on the design.

Submissions: For those interested in this project, we are asking people to submit 2-4 previously created art samples. Samples can be shared via photos, videos, websites etc. Based on the examples provided, we will choose an artist that best fits our vision for this project.

Final Project Requirements:
• Whatever is designed needs to be able to be digitized into the below dimensions so we can screen print it on t-shirts, which limits the number of colors.
o Minimum 300 dpi file size for raster (.jpeg or .png), or vector artwork (.eps, .ai, .pdf).
o CMKY color space for files.
o Maximum print area: 10” wide x 12” high.
• We would like our logo somewhere on the shirt. It does not necessarily need to be incorporated into the design, but space does need to be left somewhere on the shirt for it.
• Our expectation is the artist has complete control over the piece but that it fits into our needs in that it promotes/represents the Northwest Community Bail Fund and the concept of freedom.
• Themes/message of the shirt should be clearly understood.

Final Project Ideas:
These are not things that need to be incorporated into the final design but are potential starting points.
• Examples of other pieces of art/bail fund shirt’s
o Border Angels:
o Norcal Resist:
o The NC Community Bail Fund of Durham:
• Color palette to be discussed in the context of our branding.
• Themes/concepts to consider are abolition, freedom, justice, end mass incarceration, equity etc.
o Abolition statements/phrases: Free Them All, End Cash Bail, End Mass Incarceration
o Abolition as it relates to the Bail Fund means ending pretrial detention and cash bail.

Submissions Due: Sunday, May15th via email to
NCBF Will Notify Submitting Artists: Wednesday, June 1st
Final Art Piece Due: Thursday, September 1st

Compensation: Our compensation estimate is $500 to $1000 with profit sharing of up to 10% for a limited time. That said, we would like to have a conversation with the chosen artist to decide on a fair compensation for your process, time, and craft. We will consider the artist’s preferred compensation, the complexity and intensiveness of the piece, and how well you can fit into our timeline.

**Please note we are seeking people who have been/are currently impacted by the criminal punishment system. We are particularly interested in working with Indigenous artists, as well, as part of a broader education campaign about how the criminal legal system specifically impacts Indigenous communities.

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