Seeks Artist or Artist Team for Public Art Integrated Design / Employment

July 16, 2021

Organization Name: Redmond Senior & Community Center

Organization Location: Redmond, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Opsis Architecture is seeking an artist or artist team to join the design team to develop a public arts master plan for integrated art throughout the Redmond Senior & Community Center which is located next to Redmond City Hall and along the Sammamish River Trail in Redmond, Washington. This is a creative opportunity to utilize art integration to link people to their city and to each other. The artist/design team’s role is to reflect the design principles for the project, as well as enhance the patron experience so that the Senior & Community Center connects with Redmond’s increasingly diverse community through innovation and creative energy.

Known as a national center for technological invention, Redmond embraces the idea that
innovation in the arts and creative expressions will nurture and sustain community. The City of Redmond’s 2017 Public Art Plan articulates values, goals, and qualities that guide the achievement of this vision and mission. It coalesces around four overarching themes for
artistic exploration:
• “Intertwining systems” relating to sustainability and integrating art into the built and natural environments
• “Mosaic hybrid” recognizing the rich diversity of cultural expressions of its residents
• “Intellectual playground” building upon its Innovation Partnership Zone status and the many creative businesses and people that call Redmond home
• “Power of place“ referencing the importance of intentional development of places
for public gathering, whether streetscapes or parks or civic facilities such as the Senior & Community Center.

About the Redmond Senior & Community Center Project
In September 2019, the Redmond Senior Center in Downtown Redmond was closed after it was discovered that the structural integrity of the building was compromised and could not be occupied until structural repairs were made. Two back-to-back community outreach efforts in 2020 confirmed that Redmond needs a larger center to serve the displaced senior population, while serving the entire community with cultural arts, events, and multigenerational recreation experiences and much needed gathering areas. The former Redmond Senior Center was demolished in 2020.

Site Overview
The Redmond Senior & Community Center will be built on the site of the former Senior Center, next to City Hall. The Sammamish River forms the west edge of the building site. Expanded parking and a senior dedicated entrance point to the north. The existing pickleball courts are a priority and will remain in their current location. The main building entrance and welcome desk face east and align with a treasured heritage tree, expansive green space, and connections to transit and the rest of Redmond’s municipal campus.

Community Profile
Redmond is becoming a younger, more diverse, and more urban community. Currently, more people work in Redmond (101,000+) than live in Redmond (69,000+). Only 31 percent of Redmond’s residents both live and work in Redmond. The largest age demographic is people between 25-34 years of age (24 percent). One-third of residents are Asian and half are Caucasian. Of all households (28,000+), half are renter-occupied and half are owner-occupied. 45 percent of households speak a language other than English at home. The average household size is 2.5 people. There are nearly 9,000 households with children under the age of 18. Of all the housing units in Redmond, one-quarter are in structures with 20 or more units, compared to one-sixth in the year 2010. This shows that multifamily structures like apartments and condominiums are becoming more prevalent as the City urbanizes.


This call is open to individual artists or artists groups residing in the United States. Because the artist is expected to work with the Design Team, the artist selection panel will consider the proximity of the artist’s studio to the project site and the availability of the artist to be present at Design Team meetings.

Artwork Budget
The selected Artist(s) will be paid an hourly rate to be negotiated with the Design Team and not to exceed a total of $30,000 for developing a master plan for integrating public art both on the building site and within the facility.

Artist Services
The selected artist(s) will be considered a sub-consultant to the Design Team and provide art design services to them and the City. The artist’s scope of work will be to serve as a full member of the overall project design team to design project features. Specific work will include the following:

• Attend project design team meetings and presentations necessary to develop all phases of the design documents and integrated public art component(s). Including regular updates at the monthly Redmond Arts & Culture Commission meetings and City Council updates as needed; and,
• Gather relevant information about the physical, social and cultural context of the project from City staff, design team consultants and community members and author interpretive content as needed; and,
• Develop an Arts Master Plan, that reflects community priorities for this project and provides a roadmap to fulfill them; and,
• Identify opportunities and locations for additional public art calls, prioritize locations and budgets for specific art works to be commissioned. Also identify selection criteria for artists calls; and,
• Identify opportunities and locations for specific public art integration, secure design details and cost estimates, and assist with the incorporation of artwork specifications into overall project construction documents; and,
• Prepare an integrated art design plan for a minimum of three project elements. The integrated art plan will be of sufficient detail that it can be utilized as the basis for final construction documents to be completed by the design team.
• Select one of identified art installation sites for the artist use. The artist or artist team will have the opportunity to select one of the art installation opportunities for an installation. This installation will be reviewed by the Redmond Arts & Culture Commission and will be funded separately from this budget.

The selected artist(s), in coordination with the project design team, must work within the construction timeframe. Designed integrated artwork(s) must be durable, able to withstand local environmental conditions, low maintenance, and in compliance with ADA guidelines.


The selection process shall occur in two phases. In the first phase, an Artist Review Panel comprised of arts professionals, city staff, Redmond Arts & Culture Commissioners, community members and the design team will select up to three (3) candidates to participate in interviews. In the second phase, the short-listed candidates will be given an opportunity to present an expanded sample of their past work. Upon selection of a Finalist, a professional services contract will be executed with Opsis Architecture. Applicants will be notified of the panel’s final decision by email no later than August 13, 2021. Opsis Architecture reserves the right not to select any of the applicants.

Shortlist Selection Criteria
The Artist Selection Panel will select up to three candidates to be interviewed based on the following criteria:
• Quality and strength of past artwork as demonstrated in supplemental materials.
• Proven ability to coordinate and collaborate with project managers, design team and stakeholders.
• Demonstrated success delivering public art in a design team context on time and within budget.
• References for public art projects.
• Availability to start design in September 2021 and incorporate appropriate draft details in construction documents by Q1 2022 with final details due in Q2 2022 and then the ability to deliver completed artwork by Q4 2023.

Finalist Selection Criteria
The Artist Selection Committee may select a Finalist during in person interviews based on the following criteria:
• Immediate availability and ability to work within tight deadlines.
• Original vision, creativity, and sophisticated conceptual skills.
• Demonstrated experience working on teams with landscape architects, architects, contractors, engineers, etc.
• Demonstrated aptitude for working with architectural drawings and plans.
• Proven understanding of architectural materials, technology and construction techniques.
• Excellent verbal, written and visual communication skills including the ability to give public presentations.


APPLICATION PART I – Due by July 16, 2021
Artists must email items 1-5 listed below by 11:59 p.m. PST on July 16, 2021, Applicants who do not submit all the required items may be eliminated from the review process.

1. Artist Statement Describe what interests you about this project, your art and/or design practice and how it relates to this project. Please address relevant past experience that suggests how you will be successful on a design team and address your availability during design and construction phases. (2) Two page limit.
2. Artist Resume not to exceed two pages of relevant public art experience per team member. Include your name, business name, mailing address, phone number, email, and website.
3. Portfolio of Past Art Work Please submit up to 10 images of exemplary artwork from (3) three different public art projects that have been realized. Images should be of completed works of comparable scope and purpose.
4. Annotated Image List Include the following information for each image: number, artist name(s), title of work/project, location of project, materials used, budget, name of commissioning agency. Applications without an image identification list are not considered complete.
5. Three public art references Include the names of (3) three people who can speak to three (3) different projects included in your portfolio above. Please include the following information: Contact name, title, organization, phone, email and the name of the project completed with date completed and final project budget.
6. OPTIONAL Supplemental Items Candidates may submit up to 2 supplemental items in digital formats including but not limited to original literary or interpretive text, interactive media projects such as films, music or video games, or documents such as art plans.

Submit materials to Chris Roberts

APPLICATION Part II – Interviews for finalists during the week of July 26, 2021
Artists will be evaluated based on presentation materials noted below, professional reference and answers provided to interview questions posed by the selection panel. Artist presentations will be generated by each artist in any presentation format(s) they wish and will occur in Redmond, Washington:
1. Required: Expanded sample of project images, site plans and project construction documents from completed integrated arts works

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