Seeks New Board Members / Volunteering

December 31, 2020

Organization Name: Coyote Central

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Volunteering

Fee: Free


The Board of Directors supports the work of Coyote and provides mission-based strategic governance. Board support is essential to achieving Coyote’s mission and maintaining the organization’s financial and administrative health.

• Serve as an engaged and informed advisor to the Executive Director (this includes monthly reports from the Executive Director, quarterly financial reports, annual reports, and familiarizing yourself with issues as they arise)
• Serve on at least one board committee or task force (Finance, Equity & Inclusion, Board Development, etc.)
• Represent Coyote to stakeholders and act as an ambassador for the organization, including soliciting donations on behalf of Coyote
• Review and set Coyote’s annual budget and work plan, ensuring Coyote meets all legal and fiduciary responsibilities
• Work to ensure Coyote’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is carried out
• Contribute a personally significant monetary or in-kind donation, personally or from direct solicitation of others

• A commitment to Coyote’s mission and values
• Experience or expertise in a field relevant to Coyote’s mission (i.e. legal, finance, art, community outreach, youth education, organization logistics, development, etc.)

• Coyote’s board members serve a three-year term and are eligible for re-appointment for at least one additional 3-year term
• Ten board meetings are held each year (no meetings in August and December)
• Committees and task forces meet 5-10 time per year
• Special events are held throughout the year including the annual auction fundraiser in November, summer BBQ in June, bi-monthly guest chef dinners, and art showcases/openings. Although not required, board members make an effort to attend as many of these events as possible. The annual auction and community BBQ are important events for board members to attend. The 2020 auction will be held virtually.
• Outside of events and regular meetings, board members can expect to spend at least 2 hours per month engaging with Coyote

About Coyote
Mission: Coyote sparks creativity in young people, putting tools in their hands to build skills and forge their futures.
Vision: An equitable world powered by curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.
Commitment to Equity: Coyote strives to lead with equity in everything we do. We acknowledge that our communities have been adversely affected by longstanding white supremacy and privilege, creating barriers in access to creative opportunities for low-income communities, immigrant and refugee communities, and communities of color. We aim to dismantle these barriers by engaging diverse voices in our decision-making processes and continually pursuing new knowledge about equity.
We start with a racial equity lens but also address inequity in income, gender identity, culture, language, ability, and any other oppression that our community might experience.

To Learn More email our Board Development Chair, Britt Rynearson at
If you are ready to apply, please email Britt the following:
• Resume OR summary of your experiences
• Cover letter explaining why you would like to join the Coyote Board, what skills and talents you would bring to the board, and how you feel about Coyote’s mission, vision, and commitment to equity.

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