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September 18, 2019

Organization Name: Sound Transit

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions | Employment

Fee: Free


STart, the Sound Transit Art Program, is considering producing a recorded music and audio program to
build connections between cultures and generations in South King County. In order to make an informed
decision, STart is seeking a consultant to conduct a feasibility study that makes recommendations about
options for recording in studios and on-location, digital distribution methodologies, and program
structure, along with identifying related costs associated with a music and audio program aimed at
people who ride Sound Transit trains.
The Feasibility Study Consultant could be an individual or a team, artist, arts administrator, program
manager, other creative, or an organization.

Description of Work:
The music and audio program STart envisions will record musicians and cultural creatives from many
backgrounds who are living and working in South King County. The recordings will be digitally available
to connect Sound Transit riders and residences with the musical landscape and history of South King
County. The digital platform should be easily accessible through mobile devices and computers.
The Consultant will create a report that analyses the feasibility of producing a recorded music and audio
program, and that includes recommendations for a program that supports/showcases the work of
musicians and cultural creatives in South King County. This work should evaluate the inclusion of
professional musicians and technicians, cultural representatives and consider a youth capacity building
component, as well as a storytelling component.

The result of this Feasibility Study will be an analysis
that includes:

• Recommended options for studio and on–location recording, along with standards for quality
control, production, equipment, and editing.
• Recommended options for distribution and digital delivery, with a focus on transit riders.
• Recommended program structure for staff needs, musician outreach and engagement,
partnerships with community organizations, and some inclusion of youth.
• In coordination with STart and the FWLE Artist-in-Residence, recommendations for the
overarching creative/conceptual direction.
• A draft budget for recording, production, editing, stipends and staff, along with
recommendations for the amount of initial content needed for launching the program.
• A draft 12-month schedule based on options identified in the Feasibility Study, which charts the
level of effort required for ongoing content development.
• Recommendations for program roll out with assessment criteria and basis for decision making.
• An assessment of potential participant/musician outreach and recruitment, including
recommendations for process and locations for events or recording.

Note: The Music and Audio Program Feasibility Study will be a guidance document for STart’s decision
making regarding the implementation of the future program. STart may follow all, some or none of the
recommendations made in the Feasibility Study.

• Wednesday, September 18th, 5:00 pm: electronic applications due
• September, 2019: interviews
• October, 2019: finalist notified
• December 2019 – July 2020: Feasibility Study
STart: Music & Audio Feasibility Study RFQ, August 2019 3

Selection Criteria:
• Understanding of best practices and technical knowledge of music and audio recording and
production, for studio and on-location performances.
• Experience developing a music, sound or arts program and an understanding of budget,
schedule and resource management.
• Self-starter who can work independently and in various working groups, and is comfortable
working remotely.
• Arts, media, communications, or equivalent experience or education in a related field.
• Community engagement experience with a wide variety of audiences from different age-ranges
and backgrounds, and that particularly reflects the many communities that now reside in South
King County, along with the region’s rich ethnic and social heritage.
• Proficiency in written and verbal communication, including in digital formats.
• Familiarity with, and a connection to, communities and organizations in South King County.
• Availability to complete the above work by July 2020.

Desired Experience:
• BA or MFA Music Education, Arts Education, Arts Management, related degree or equivalent
• Strong networking skills for building partnerships.
• Established connections and networks in local music community or youth development.

Successful candidate must be able to attend meetings with short notice in Sound Transit’s Seattle
headquarters, or in South King County locations. Sound Transit staff, selection panel members, project
personnel, and immediate family members of all of the above are not eligible to apply.

To Apply:
Send a resume and letter of interest that demonstrates the applicant’s qualifications and relevant
experience for this opportunity to by 5 pm, September 18, 2019. If applying as a
team, send one resume per team member. Up to five (5) relevant work samples can be sent as links to
the STart email or via the applicant’s preferred file transfer/acquisition site. Use the work sample form
below to describe how the work samples relate to this opportunity. Work samples can consist of audio
or video documentation, digital reports, or presentations. Make sure the applicant’s name is part of
each file name.

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