Selfhood Juried Exhibition / Calls & Submissions

November 1, 2023

Organization Name: Strata Gallery

Organization Location: Santa Fe, NM

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $35+



This juried exhibition will feature artworks centered upon the concept of selfhood. It will consider how selfhood is constructed, altered, and reimagined. Contemporary artists investigate the multiplicitous nature of selfhood: gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, ethnicity, and so forth. Artworks may consider selfhood outside the traditional Western views of self. Selfhood, as a dichotomy, can reflect cultural norms and be a source of resistance to them. Navigating selfhood during disruptive times can lead to crossroads of crisis; thereby, artists may present visualizations of selfhood that explore the process of self-discovery, self-definition, and self-direction.

What are aspects of resilient selfhood? How can others define our selfhood? These questions are explored in the arts. The protagonist, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, from the film On the Basis of Sex exemplifies the resiliency of selfhood. The potential for others to define our selfhood is reflected in Erika Sánchez’ novel I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter. Who am I? Who are we? Visual artists create reconceptualizations of the self. They address the fluidity and facets of identity within an intersectional discourse. In their artwork, selfhood can be socially situated and relational. Any artist whose artwork examines concepts of selfhood in contemporary times is encouraged to apply.

Selfhood is a juried exhibition held at Strata Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The exhibition will run from Jan 2 – 19, 2024.


$200 – Best of Show (1)

$100 – Honorable Mention (2)

About Strata Gallery:

Strata Gallery is a non-profit, artist-member gallery with a mission that cultivates artistic discussion and educates the public about the work of contemporary established and emerging artists. Through our mentorship program, our established artists give our emerging artists direct guidance, feedback, and information as they learn to navigate their artistic practice. Through collaborations and discussions, Strata Gallery provides a venue that encourages artists to experiment and re-examine what art is and could be. Strata Gallery does not favor any distinct style and promotes a range of diverse and authentic individual expression through a varied material practice, imagery, style, and ethos independent of any commercial concern. Strata Gallery is located at 125 Lincoln Ave, Suite 105, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501.

About the Juror:

Rosemary Meza-DesPlas is a 2022 Latinx Artist Fellowship recipient. A multidisciplinary artist, her studio practice incorporates fiber art, drawing, installation, painting, performance art, and video. Meza-DesPlas’ visual artwork is thematically linked to her academic writing and poetry. She presents at academic conferences including College Art Association, International Conference of the Image, and Feminist Art Conference. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally.

Selection Criteria Include:

Does the artwork comply with the submission requirements? Failure to follow submission requirements will result in immediate disqualification from consideration.
Uniqueness and originality
Visual impact
Demonstrated excellence of technique
Exhibition Calendar:

Nov. 1, 2023 – CaFÉ Submission Deadline
Nov. 26, 2023 – Notification Date
Dec. 2, 2023 – Deadline for Loan Agreement
Dec. 9, 2023 by 2pm – Hand-delivered artwork must arrive at Strata Gallery
Dec. 9, 2023 by end of day – Shipped artwork must at the address provided
Jan. 2 – 19, 2024 – Exhibition Dates
Jan. 5, 2024 from 5-7pm – Reception Date
Jan. 20, 2024, 11am-1pm – Pickup of Hand-delivered artwork at Strata Gallery
Week of Jan. 20th, 2024 – Artworks shipped back to artists
Sales of Artwork:

Each respective artist will handle the sale and shipping of any sold artwork included in the Selfhood exhibition. Strata Gallery will collect contact information of all interested buyers and provide that information to the artist who will then execute the sale and shipping of their artwork. All sold artwork included in the Selfhood exhibition will be subject to 20% commission which will be due to Strata Gallery.

Application Requirements
All artwork must be ready to hang/display with the proper hardware (i.e., paintings framed with wire).
Media accepted: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, mixed media.
Dimensions: Wall mounted work max size is 40×40 inches (12 inches deep for wall mounted sculpture).
Max Weight: 25 lbs.
Submitted work must remain available for the duration of the exhibition.
No changes to information can be made once submitted.
Image Format Requirements:

Submit image in .jpg format.
Include the following annotations:
Artist’s name
Title of Artwork
Date of completion
Size in inches: Height x Width x Depth
Price of artwork

Eligibility Criteria
All media is welcome, including: painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, textiles, mixed media, etc.

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