ShoreLake Battle of the Bands | Call for Bands / Calls & Submissions

June 18, 2021

Organization Name: ShoreLake Arts

Organization Location: Lake Forest Park, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $5


A competition for emerging Washington State bands, playing their own music.

3 open air concerts at Animal Acres Park in Lake Forest Park in August, 2021. Numbers will be capped appropriately to ensure safe social distancing.

The 1st place winner will take home $1,500 and a one day of studio time at Robert Lang Studios.. The 2nd place winner will take home $1,000 and a at Annex Studios.

Each band accepted into the competition will receive a $300 honorarium after the event.

This event aims to support emerging and developing musicians in Washington State and encourage appreciation for the art of music in our community.

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