Shoreline Art Cottage Residencies 2020 / Residencies

April 30, 2020

Organization Name: City of Shoreline Public Art Program

Organization Location: Shoreline WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


Three Residences Periods of Two Months Each
$1,600 per Residency Stipend
Open to Emerging and Established Artists

Submit no later than April 12, 2020; 11:59 pm Pacific Local Time

The Shoreline Art Cottage Residency Program will provide artists working in all disciplines a two month period to create new work in a public park overlooking the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) with sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains. The recently renovated residency space is a former caretaker cottage built in the early 1970s nestled within Richmond Beach Saltwater Park. The cottage provides a creative workspace for any artist along with time to experiment, investigate, and explore Saltwater Park and the surrounding City of Shoreline community.

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park is a 32-acre regional park providing natural open spaces, access to a mile-long beach, and extensive hiking trails. The Park’s bowl-shape today is the result of a former 19th Century gravel quarry. A pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks provides access to the beach, low tide sand flats, delicate eel grass beds, and a beach naturalist program on most summer weekends during a low tide. Beach areas of the Park were once called q’q’e’waidet by the region’s Coastal Salish for a tobacco-like plant gathered in the area. In recognition of these indigenous people, a 10-foot high “Welcoming Figure” sculpture cast in the Coastal Salish style is located in the Park.

Supported by the City of Shoreline’s Public Art Program, the Shoreline Art Cottage Residency Program awards up to three (3) residencies per year to emerging and established artists working in a wide variety of media with projects that explore the culture and landscape of the City of Shoreline and the surrounding region.

For its pilot season in 2020, the artist residencies will be in consecutive two month periods beginning in May 2020 and ending in December 2020. Thus, selected Artists will be pioneering the first public space in the City of Shoreline dedicated to the arts and encouraging a sustainable residency opportunity.

Application materials shall be submitted to A list of materials required to be submitted is set forth below along with background information on the Art Cottage, the residency expectations, and other details.


• Artists must be legal residents of the State of Washington and reside in King, Pierce, or Snohomish County during the time of the Art Residency;
• The primary goal of eligible artists must be to generate new works, as opposed to continuing unfinished work or re-interpreting existing works;
• Emerging or established artists in any artistic discipline are eligible, including artists working within a contemporary art context such as: experimentation, abstraction, new media, video, photography, poetics, creative nonfiction, land art, political resistance / dissent, subverting representation in painting, radical plein air painting, performance, craft-as-fine-art, book arts, collage, street art, encaustic, etc.
• Artists of color, immigrants, and other underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply;
• Preferred project interests: contemporary art, equity and inclusion projects, immigrant experience, community outreach, race and social justice, and projects exploring aspects of the Salish Sea environment;
• Artists must be able to provide a regular presence at the Art Cottage during regular park hours (dawn to dusk) over the term of the residency. A minimum of 40 hours is required and can be fulfilled during the daytime, evenings, weekends, or a combination thereof;
• Artists must permit members of the public reasonable access for “drop in” viewing of the creative process and communicate about their project and the Art Residency. Highest visitation is likely on summer weekends when the tide is low;
• Artists must participate in a final presentation at the end of the residency period of the work created during the residency.

Residency Periods for 2020:

Residency #1: May 20 – July 20
Artist presentation event July 18
Residency #2: July 27 – Sept 27
Artist presentation event September 26
Residency #3: October 5 – December 6
Artist presentation event December 5
Stipend and Costs:

• A $1600.00 stipend per residency period is provided;
• Artists groups are eligible but, the stipend is the same and must be shared amongst the group;
• The stipend can be used towards required materials, housing, meals, and transportation costs;
• The stipend will be divided into two (2) equal payments of $800. The first payment will be at the beginning of the Art Residency and the final $800 payment will be at the end of the Art Residency;
• The City will provide no additional budget for materials although some basics may be provided.

City Expectations for Artist:

The baseline calculation used to determine the stipend assumes that 40 hours spread over a two-month period would equate to a fair wage of $40 per hour. Artists may exceed this baseline as they see fit; however, the preferred distribution of the 40 hours would be a predetermined set of weekends. Example of meeting the minimum requirement: five, 5-hour weekend days (25 hours) approximately every other weekend (with exact dates specified; four three-hour weekday evenings (12 hours); plus 3 hours for the final presentation public event. Please note that the public will be alerted to the presence of the Artist, welcomed with signs indicating the artist is in, and may take photos or document the artwork in progress. Artists should ensure a safe environment for drop-in visitation and may post signs warning about mature content if not appropriate for all ages.

The final presentation and related work is the only “deliverable” required for the Residency and artwork created during the residency shall be on display in the gallery. The minimum number of artworks required to be shared at the final presentation is two (2) and these may be works-in-progress.

The final presentation will be open to the public and the Artist must give a presentation on the artwork created during the residency and allow for a brief question and answer period before transitioning to an informal art reception with City-provided beverages and hors d’oeuvres.

The Artist must grant to the City an irrevocable license to make two-dimensional reproductions of the Artwork for non-commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, reproductions used in brochures, media publicity, and exhibition catalogues or other similar. The Artist must also provide the City with a short written statement (approximately 500-1,000 words) regarding that artwork for the City’s promotional use. Artist will retain all rights under the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 101 et seq., as the sole author of the work created during the Shoreline Art Cottage Residency.

Retail sales may be handled between the Artist and the public. The Artist must collect a 10.2% sales tax on all sales. If the Artist’s gross proceeds of sales within the City is less than $2,000.00, no City of Shoreline Business License will be required. The City will not receive a commission on sales of artwork. However, a donation of one (1) work made during the residency for the City’s Portable Works Collection is appreciated and would assist in promoting the Shoreline Art Cottage Residency program.

The Artist shall be required to enter into a contract with the City of Shoreline setting forth the terms and conditions of the Art Residency, including provisions for returning the Art Cottage to a same or better condition, normal wear and tear excepted, by the final day of the Art Residency. Upon execution of contract, the Artist will be provided a key and an introduction to the space in-person by the City Public Art Coordinator.


Apply by 11:59 pm Pacific Local Time Sunday April 12, 2020.

Send materials to

Include “2020 Art Cottage Residency Application” and your name in the subject line (e.g. 2020 Art Cottage Residency Application – Jane Doe).

All of the following shall be included in the Residency Application submittal. Failure to provide a complete application package will result in rejection of your application.

1. Contact Information. Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, website.
If applying as a collaborative group, submit only one application listing all members of the group and the primary contact.
2. Artist Statement of Practice.
A general statement of your work and art practices. If a collaborative group, indicate roles of artist members.
3. Proposal for Artist Residency (maximum of 300 words)
• What do you hope to accomplish during your residency, including a target number of works?
• How do you plan to use the studio in the context of your art practice and outside commitments (family and job)?
• How would you facilitate the final presentation in the Art Cottage gallery at the end of the residency?
4. Desired Residency Period. List in order of preference the residency periods.
5. Artist(s) Resume. If a collaborative group, submit up to three (3) resumes.
6. Short Biography (maximum of 300 words per Artist).
If a collaborative group, the biography should include all artist members and indicate history of works as a group, if any.
7. Work Samples (maximum of 10 digital images, file size 3MB).
• Label files with last name and image number, e.g. “Doe.01”
• Work samples supporting the residency and completed within the last five years are required;
• Each Work Sample submitted shall include the following information:

Artist name (all artist members and roles if collaboration)
Work Title
Suggested Description (50 words or less)

• Only one artwork per image unless it is an installation view;
• File size for images should be less than 3 MB each;
• Work Samples in excess of 3 MB may be provided via links to a personal website, drop box, or to websites such as Vimeo or YouTube. The provided link must be a direct link to the samples you wish the City to consider.

Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

The application review process consists of an online review of submitted materials by a selection panel. The panel, which can be a combination of City residents, fellow artists, and City Staff, will focus on the following:

• Strength of artwork in sample; artistic intent of project during residency (body of work; goals; how residency fits in with previous work by artist);
• Feasibility – project scope; final reception gallery plan; including transport plan and schedule for occupancy of residency;
• Equity and Inclusion; applications that support the City’s equity and inclusion goals by featuring underrepresented artists are encouraged;
• Interest in community; ability to interact with the Public.

For Questions, please contact:
David Francis, Shoreline Public Art Coordinator/Curator
Phone: 206-801-2661 (Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 1 pm)

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