Signal Jammers / Calls & Submissions

March 20, 2024

Organization Name: Midwest Nice Art

Organization Location: Aberdeen, SD

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $5


We have announced our next call for art, due March 20, 2024. Signal Jammers is our upcoming online exhibition juried by Anthony Naimo. We seek artworks that embody the duality of coded language: superimposed messages delivered simultaneously through double-entendre, symbolism, and the inscription of encrypted data. A cursory glance at the work provides one narrative– while a sensitive dissection of the composition reveals a more profound significance. Artists and audiences are invited to consider how meaning is constructed; the complexity of simultaneous, often contradicting understandings captured in a symbol’s multitudes. This exhibition explores countercultural community building and the challenge to power dynamics intrinsic to coded language.

The exhibition will examine these ideas through a variety of mediums in art. Any mediums are welcome, including but not limited to sculpture, painting, collage, photography, digital art, video art, installation, ceramics, performance art…anything you can think of! You may submit up to 3 artworks for a $5 fee, due March 20, 2024. Artists will receive a notification a week after the deadline. Students may submit for free – please email us with your student email for the code. The exhibition will go live on April 1, 2024.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

You can find more information about the call and submission here:

Opportunity Website