STAGED: Call for Works Made with Direction, and Careful, Meticulous Planning / Calls & Submissions

June 4, 2022

Organization Name: Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

Organization Location: Cincinnati, OH

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $40


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, invites visual artists and designers to submit original works made with direction, through careful planning, and a significant degree of control. Open to any and all traditional and non-traditional visual arts 2d, 3d, or 4d media.

What kind of director are you?

When you prepare to make something, what are you getting ready? Yourself? Your materials? Your subject? What elements have to be in place? If they don’t fall naturally, can you place them yourself?

To stage something often means to fake it, but we mostly agree that some degree of fiction is acceptable, even necessary to create art. There are truths that we can access through writing lines, arranging compositions, setting conditions, or posing subjects that remain true, even if the elements telling them are artificial.

Conceptually, staging something creates opportunity for the artist to impose their wants, biases, and ideas with greater focus. The obvious next question is if you stage an artwork, what is your motive?

$40 for up to FOUR entries submitted. $5 per each additional entry.

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