Subsidy for Tiny Home Land for Artists / Housing

April 28, 2023

Organization Name: SHACS

Organization Location: CA

Type: Housing

Fee: $25,000


We’re and Haight Ashbury Festival and have just launch a program SHACS. Small Home Artist Community Subsidy for permanent housing in small town California. More Info

Artists and arts workers needing a permanent studio, home base between tours or/and have families.

The SHACs program finds and vets affordable legal land for tiny homes and subsidizes it. So program participants only pay $25k per block. Not HOA or TIC or mobile home parks. Deeded land to build permanent tiny homes and studios. With utilities and near schools and towns.

We’ve experience with arts land projects, in Australia and Nor Cal, for venues and festivals. Researched and advised on residential small home land and communities for arts friends. Inspired by that, the SHACs program developed.


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