Technical Music Writer / Employment

June 30, 2020

Organization Name: Audio Assemble

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: $0


Technical Music Writer
We’re looking for an excellent Technical Music Writer to join our editorial team. The Technical Music Writer will have an in-depth and broad knowledge of the music industry, music production, and equipment/instruments. You’ll role will work closely with owners of Audio Assemble to produce engaging and informative content centered around the music industry. This includes interviews, product reviews, news, etc.

You meet deadlines because you know how to grind
You have a solid portfolio of writing samples
Research is a prerequisite to your articles, you live and breathe the truth
You have a background in music in some form
You are a musician, audio engineer, singer-songwriter, etc
You have the ability to work remotely

Bonus if
Bachelors in related discipline: Audio Engineering, Music Theory, Journalism, English
You have your own blog dedicated to music
You have Music Production knowledge and skillset
Huge Bonus: You can create screencasts with solid voice over
What’s in it for you

Competitive Compensation
Your work will reach tens of thousands of readers
You will learn a lot. We are a team of software engineers, musicians, and marketers.
What next?

If you are interested send an email to Please include your resume, a portfolio or writing samples, and include Technical Music Writer in the subject line.

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