Tenure Track Art History Position at Green River Community College / Employment

February 20, 2023

Organization Name: Green River College

Organization Location: Auburn, WA

Type: Employment

Fee: Free


The Fine Arts Division at Green River Community College is seeking innovative, professional, and creative faculty, in Art History, who are committed to establishing positive working relationships with students, colleagues, staff and administrators.
The successful candidate will be able to teach and develop Art History courses including but not limited to thematic shifts in the canon of Western Art History (Pre-Historic, Pre-Contact, Colonialism-Historic-Contemporary), Thematic Art History courses (For example: Art & Race and Identity, North American Indian & Coast Salish Art, African American Art, Latinx & Chicano Art, Feminism & Gender, Politics & Civic Engagement) and Art Appreciation.

All of our Art History and Art Appreciation courses are taught from an innovative, thematic, and inclusive, approach. Our students come from a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to first generation college students taking Art History classes as an elective to students studying Studio Art as part of our Associate of Fine Arts Degree.The Art Department integrates theory and practice with emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, critical thinking, portfolio development, and personal expression. Curriculum, revisionist course development, culturally responsive pedagogy and program expansion leadership skills are essential.

Other responsibilities include participation in: academic advising, budget and supplies, committee work, and other department, division and college professional activities.

Please visit the following link to review minimum and preferred requirements.


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