THE 15TH A.I.R. BIENNIAL / Calls & Submissions

October 12, 2022

Organization Name: A.I.R. Gallery

Organization Location: Brooklyn, NY

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Sliding Scale


Exhibition Dates: January 7–February 5, 2023

As with most artist-run spaces, A.I.R. Gallery’s story begins with a couple of friends in 1972. Even if they didn’t put each other in their work, the gallery they founded ensured that we now know who they were there with, not to mention the countless other women and non-binary artists who have come together since. Fifty years later, the 15th A.I.R. Biennial looks to showcase the friends of artists, welcoming both glimpses of those you are together with today and considerations of community and solidarity more broadly. The show asks artists to invite the public into their intimate and interconnected webs of relations, love, care, and mutual support. So whether you are making work with your comrades or putting them in your art, show up!

Curated by Eriola Pira, Curator at the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School, this exhibition is open to artists working across all forms and disciplines.

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