The Being Mode 2023 Artist Residencies / Residencies

March 12, 2023

Organization Name: The Shed

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


The Shed, located in Seattle, WA, is offering two-to-four-week residencies for artists who consider themselves inter-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, post-disciplinary, site-specific, or are otherwise media-fluid in their practices. The 2023 season residencies will focus on The Being Mode.

The Being Mode is an existential state of being—a way of being in the world that is relational and continuously unfolding. In this state, you feel embedded with and attuned to your surroundings. You feel embodied in your thoughts, movements, and behaviors. It is a process of placing the muchness of you in relation to the muchness of the world that allows the world to disclose itself to you and you to the world. This mutual awakening is considered a foundational element of the flow state, altered states of consciousness, and transformation.

Applicants will be interested in research, lab time, and/or generative studio time that utilizes the elements of emergence, embeddedness, embodiment, and cognitive extension in some way. The Shed will take special interest in artists with a non-Western, non-colonial point of view.

Since the emphasis on the residency is as a lab space, following these interests to a public conclusion is not required. You are encouraged to use the residency to explore work you would not normally be able to make.

Timeline available on our website!

Terms of the Residency:

-Artist will be given access to The Shed for the duration of their residency, and will coordinate with the curator in accommodating the space’s multiple uses. Free accommodation in the proximal home may be available for non-local artists.

-Artist will conduct a “take-over” of The Shed’s Instagram for the duration of the residency

-Artist will document their experience or allow their work to be documented and posted/published by the curator

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