The Boomer Art Prize | £10000 in Cash Awards / Calls & Submissions

September 25, 2023

Organization Name: Boomer Gallery

Organization Location: London, Uk

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: £35


Introducing Boomer Gallery’s groundbreaking invitation to creators across all visual arts disciplines: the “Boomer Art Prize.” We wholeheartedly welcome passionate artists from both local and international backgrounds to submit their works as we embark on a journey to recognize, promote, and support excellence in the ever-evolving realm of art.

Discover a world of endless possibilities as your creative spirit takes center stage. The Boomer Art Prize is your gateway to unparalleled recognition, promotion, and support, both locally and on the global stage.
We welcome all artists, whether emerging or established, to share their unique voices and visions. Our quest is to discover diverse creativity from all corners of the world.

Participation in the Boomer Art Prize offers artists more than just the potential of winning substantial cash prizes and exhibition opportunities. It provides invaluable exposure, with all entries being viewed by a jury of highly respected figures in the art world.


Successful applicants will receive £10,000 in cash awards + exhibition opportunities in our iconic gallery space from Tower Bridge, London.

* 1st place – £5,000 + a solo show.
* 2nd place – £3,000 + inclusion in two of our group shows.
* 3rd place – £2,000 + inclusion in one of our group shows.
* Numbers 4th to 20th will also be included in one of the group shows.

A jury of experts composed of some of the top minds in contemporary art will debate, review, and score each application:

* Anthony Fawcett: Esteemed art critic and historian known for his extensive collaborations with globally-renowned artists. His illustrious career boasts of interactions with icons such as Man Ray, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol, and his guidance in the “Anthony Fawcett Archive” project with the Tate Gallery.

* Tabish Khan: An art critic specialising in London’s art scene, Tabish is the visual arts editor for Londonist. He regularly contributes to Culture Whisper and writes for FAD’s “What’s Wrong With Art?” series. Furthermore, his dedication to supporting artists is displayed in his trustee roles at ArtCan and City & Guilds London Art School.

* Constantin Cosmin: An internationally acclaimed visual artist and co-founder of Boomer Gallery. As an editor at Boomer Magazine and a featured artist on Artsy, Constantin offers a unique perspective to the panel, drawing from his extensive firsthand experience in the art world.

What is the selection process?

1. All submissions will be reviewed individually, and from the total number of submissions, the jury will preselect 50 artists who will also be shortlisted on our website.
2. After the preselection, the 50 preselected artists will be contacted individually by our gallery and asked to send additional works (another 2 or 3 pieces) that will help the jury make the final decision (there won’t be another submission fee).
3. Finally, the jury will select the 20 winners.


* Artists of any country, age, and background can apply.
* You can submit works that have been previously exhibited or published.
* There are no thematic limitations.
* 2D works should not exceed 230×230 cm.
* 3D works (sculptures, installations) should not be bigger than 230 cm high and 150 cm wide on any side.
* You can apply with a minimum of 3 works and a maximum of 5.
* Cash awards will be paid to the winners within 48 hours after validating the votes.
* All 20 winners will be contacted individually regarding, exhibition dates, delivery and all the other details.
* The solo show is planned for January 2024, but the exact dates will be mutually agreed upon between the gallery and the winner of the 1st place.
* The group show is scheduled for November 2023. As mentioned above, all winners will be contacted individually at least three weeks in advance.
* Should any of the winners wish to attend the show in person but face visa restrictions, we will provide a letter of recommendation. This letter will be stamped and signed by both the gallery and the three esteemed judges of this grand competition.


For a nominal fee of only £35, you can submit three of your works to the Boomer Art Prize. We understand the value of your artistic contribution, and we want to ensure that this opportunity is accessible to all passionate artists. Each additional work beyond the initial three carries a minimal cost of just £10. Rest assured that every penny from the submission fee goes towards supporting the administrative costs that make this grand event possible.


* The open call will run from June 27, 2023, until September 25, 2023.
* The 50 preselected artists will be listed on our website on October 10, 2023.
* On October 20, 2023, the jury will meet and select the 20 winners of the competition.
* The final results will be available on our website on October 22, 2023.


Eligible media, but not limited to: paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, prints, textiles, illustrations, digital art, poems, video art, AI-assisted art, etc.


Artists are required to:

* Complete the online form.
* Submit up to 5 images in digital format (max. 5 MB file size).
* Pay a non-refundable application fee.

How can I make a submission?

Submit Your Artwork at the link provided in the description.


Kindly note that we don’t contact each artist individually regarding the open call results. Please make sure to check our website on October 22, 2023, to see the results. Only the 50 preselected artists will be contacted individually.

For questions or inquiries, please contact us at

Good luck to all participants!

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