The Company of Ravens and Crows / Calls & Submissions

January 30, 2021

Organization Name: Confluence Gallery Art Center

Organization Location: Twisp, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The family Corvidae embraces Crows, Jays, Magpies and Nutcrackers. Members of this family are wonderfully intelligent, mysterious, and magical. Corvids are social, noisy, aggressive, playful, and mischievous. They eat anything from fruit, and eggs, to nuts and carrion. We see them playfully completing aerial maneuvers, in the company of eagles at a deer carcass feast, or being mobbed by small birds after raiding a nest. They will follow hunters, coyotes, or wolves and alert other scavengers to help open up a carcass; some cache seeds that if forgotten will become future trees. They mimic, they teach, they learn. They are iridescent and striking and provide a rich source of inspiration to create art.

We invite artists to create work that tells a story about the ecology and/or mythology of this wonderful avian family. We are hoping to represent all Corvids and their allies – not just ravens or crows – so here is your chance to learn and share work about magpies, jays and nutcrackers. We want more than a portrait of the bird, we want you to dig deeper into all of the Corvidae.

Submit a maximum of 3 unique pieces per artist. Each piece must be:

Your own original work.

Available for sale.

Created in the last 3 years.

Never previously been shown in the Methow Valley area.

Any Size, but if your work is really big we may limit you to one large piece.

Any medium ; 2D works must be ready for hanging with appropriate hardware/wire secured to work (works without hanging hardware will not be hung)

Please note the curator(s) have the right to refuse work , even after work is delivered to the gallery, if it does not contribute to the direction, cohesiveness, or available space of the show. We are looking for high quality execution and thoughtful content that contribute to the vision of the show as stated above.

Important Dates:
• Intent to submit due by January 30, 2020
• Finished art work at Confluence Gallery by March 6, 2021

Email with your submission

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