“The Director and Play” Course / Calls & Submissions

January 12, 2024

Organization Name: New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI)

Organization Location: Online format

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: €1950 / 3-month


Where: online
When: 15 January 2024 – 15 April 2024
1 March 2024 – 1 June 2024
1 April 2024 – 1 July 2024
2 May 2024 – 2 August 2024
How to apply: https://www.nipai.org/the-director-and-play-course
Fee: €1950 / 3-month

The course “The Director and Play” offered by the New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI) is a unique educational program designed for drama theatre directors and actors who wish to develop their skills in analyzing plays for stage production. The program stands out as one of the few in the world that focuses on teaching deep, active analysis of plays, providing participants with the necessary tools for effective work with performers.

Key elements of the course include:

Play Analysis: Students learn how to dissect and understand the text of a play, considering its historical and theoretical contexts.
Active Analysis: The course emphasizes practical, hands-on approaches to play analysis.
Storytelling/Retelling: Participants are encouraged to explore different methods of storytelling and retelling within the context of theatrical production.
Dramatic Structure: Understanding the fundamental elements of dramatic structure is a crucial part of the curriculum.
Character Development: The course covers the basics of story elements such as structure, character, and dialogue, focusing on how to analyze units and objectives to build a character’s through-line.

The course objectives are aimed at helping students gain a firm understanding of play analysis, the role of historical context, developing skills through real-life scenarios and case studies, and constructing a relationship between the director, author, and text.

The program format is tailored for professional development, with flexible timing and a mix of practical exercises and theoretical readings. It offers a 3-month duration of study, conducted entirely online in English, culminating in a Certificate of Completion for students who successfully complete all tasks and assignments.

Upon completion, students will have not only a deeper understanding of theatrical texts but also the practical skills to apply this knowledge in various theatrical genres such as physical theatre, dance theatre, drama theatre, musical theatre, mime theatre, puppetry theatre, and circus on stage.

This course is particularly beneficial for those who are already practicing in the field and feel the need for specific, up-to-date knowledge and skills in theatre directing. It’s designed to provide professional growth, up-to-date knowledge, first-hand experience, an individual approach, and an emphasis on practical learning.

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