Three Exhibits: “The Special Exhibit,” “Artist’s Vision,” & “Art in the Park” / Calls & Submissions

February 2, 2020

Organization Name: Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Organization Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: $35


We are seeking artists for three distinct art exhibits. Each exhibit highlights a unique art medium and theme, and all work will be seen by nearly 25,000 people. Festival goers this June 26-28, 2020.

This year’s exhibits include:

The Special Exhibit
Brilliant! Jewelers Making Statements
Experience one-of-a-kind wearable artworks from jewelers who consider modern-day artistic philosophies, feelings, visions, or cultural commentary, and apply these concepts to their work. Application closes February 2, 2020.

Artist’s Vision
Small Worlds
Microcosmos: miniature representations of humanity, society, the world, the universe. Have you ever gazed at a dollhouse and imagined a world inside? Have you paused at the sight of a mossy patch and wondered what might live there unseen and un-regarded? Join us in celebrating the art of exploring small worlds.
Application closes February 16, 2020

Art in the Park
Guided by the natural beauty and rich history of the Pacific Northwest, we promote and showcase the work of regionally and nationally recognized makers in a broadly inclusive venue. Located in George Rogers Park, this show is open to artists of all persuasions who produce original, hand-made, fine art and craft, and we welcome traditional and contemporary makers. Application closes February 23
Artists can apply online at ​​

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