Tusen Takk 2022-23 Artist Residency Program / Residencies

July 15, 2021

Organization Name: Tusen Takk Foundation

Organization Location: Leland, MI

Type: Residencies

Fee: $25


Situated in the dunes of Lake Michigan and designed by world-renown architect Peter Bohlin, Tusen Takk offers solo residencies between 3 and 8 weeks to emerging and established visual artists working in photography, printmaking, sculpture, and painting, as well as creative writers and composers. Residencies are geared for artists to explore new ideas or expand current work– we look for ideas and work that will affirm and enrich the human spirit, giving form to chaos and perception to beauty.

Residents are provided an honorarium of $625/week, housing with 24/7 private access to the studios, as well as access by appointment to the Founder’s library and photography collection. While in residence, artists are encouraged to engage with the arts community. Applications are due on July 15, 2021 for residencies between June 2022 and December 2023.

Highlights of the studios include: a digital imaging studio outfitted with 44″ wide Epson printers, etching studio with a 30″ x 50″ etching press and 24×36” NuArc platemaker, darkroom, painting studio for large works, and a fully-equipped woodshop.

Named for an expression of thankfulness, the Tusen Takk Foundation nourishes artists by giving them a place to work, engagement opportunities to enrich the culture of Northwest Michigan, and a platform to share their work internationally.

Tusen Takk’s setting in the quiet, forested dunes on a seemingly infinite body of water offers artists time to slow down and reflect in a place that is regenerative by its nature. Designed with intention and care, Tusen Takk is a functional “making place” with studios that provide artists with spaces to imagine and create their work.

“Tusen Takk” means “thousand thanks” in Norwegian and is often used to convey appreciation for something received, like a wonderful dinner or a helping hand. It’s with this same sense of gratitude and grace that the founders of the Tusen Takk Foundation wanted to express thankfulness to artists, writers, and composers for the transcendent truth and intangible joy they give back to the world in their work.

Excellence is the sole criterion by which artists are offered a Tusen Takk residency. We welcome and encourage applicants of all backgrounds. We believe that artists of all races, color, gender, age, religions, sexual orientations, national origins, and abilities can benefit from having a time and a place to create work. Our aim is to continually improve Tusen Takk to be a safe, supportive environment for achieving this objective.


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