Vets Engaged Mini Grants / Funding

January 1, 1970

Organization Name: VSHSL

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Funding

Fee: Free


VETS ENGAGED is a social engagement funding program of the 2018-2023 King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy – the VSHSL. It awards mini grants of $9,999 for entities to convene community-building events and activities that strengthen social networks. Its goal is to reduce veterans’ sense of isolation by providing opportunities for veterans and their families to socialize with other veterans as well as non-veterans.

While proposals involving physical or creative activities that bring veterans together with non-veterans are encouraged, applicants may define social engagement as broadly as possible, keeping in mind the goals of the project to “convene community-building events and networks that increase social connection for veterans and military servicemembers and their respective families in King County…that cultivate a sense of belonging among veterans and that help bridge the civilian-military divide between veterans, servicemembers and the general population in King County.”

The VSHSL defines social engagement as an individual’s feeling that they belong. Programs funded by this strategy all promote belonging where systems, biases, miscommunications or cultural differences too often serve to isolate. Based on the growing scientific understanding of the risks of isolation and on the near universality of social isolation as a concern brought up during more than 70 VSHSL community engagement events, VETS ENGAGED is designed to better connect isolated veterans and their families to King County’s broader community.

Individuals and organizations are invited to apply for $9,999 (and, no less!) in funding for projects that provide King County veterans social engagement and community-building activities. Applications are accepted and funding awards announced throughout each year, from 2019 through 2023, on a quarterly basis or when the number of applications demands.

Total funding for VETS ENGAGED is projected at:
2019: $110,000
2020: $112,000
2021: $114,000
2022: $160,000
2023: $160,000

Engagement examples include a collaboration with the Seattle Repertoire Theatre’s musical adaptation of the play “As You Like It,” where non-actor veterans participate on stage and behind the scenes. Enlisting veterans to build affordable homes reserved for veterans to purchase. Yoga meditation or mindfulness workshops for veterans. Or, simply covering the costs for activities previously unaffordable, such as veteran families attending a water park, veterans taking sculpture-building classes, going camping, or organizing their own baseball teams. (Note: the preceding examples were not funded by VETS ENGAGED)


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