Voting Rights Restoration Call for Art / Calls & Submissions

November 10, 2021

Organization Name: Washington Voting Rights Restoration Coalition

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


This past spring, Washington passed a bill that will automatically restore voting rights to people with felony convictions immediately after they finish their prison terms. This means that starting January 1, 2022, every citizen who is not in prison will be allowed to vote, even while on community supervision.

This is a huge win for those of us who have been impacted by our criminal legal system! Now we need your help to celebrate and get the word out to the 26,000 of our neighbors who are about to be welcomed back into our democracy. Please submit a piece of artwork or a poem to be featured in our public education efforts online, with a chance to be featured on our print materials.


Please use one of the following prompts to inspire your artwork.

For submissions from people directly-impacted by the criminal legal system:
“My Voice” – how will your voice in our democracy change our world?
“Restored” – what did it feel like to have your voting right restored / what will it feel like when you vote for the first time when your right is restored?

For submissions from family, friends, and allies:
“Our Democracy” – what does our community look like when our democracy includes everyone?


For both visual art and short poem submissions, please include a 2-3 sentence statement to be featured alongside your artwork. Please include your name and hometown so we can credit you!

Visual art:
Both digital art or a high-quality photo or scan of traditional art pieces are accepted
Digital art that includes animation may not be suitable for print, but can receive an online feature
Size: 11” x 17” poster (portrait) or 10” x 10” (square)

Short poem:
50 words max

Who can participate:
To submit artwork, you must be a resident of Washington state. We will be prioritizing directly-impacted artists for our poster selections, but all are welcome to participate.

Distribution and compensation:
Artwork, with credit, will be displayed on our coalition members’ social media (with Civil Survival’s pages being our main feed) and our website Five designs will also be chosen to be printed and distributed as posters. The five selected artists will receive $300 to compensate you for your time and effort. Four of the selected designs will be reserved for directly-impacted artists, and 1 design will be from families, friends, and allies.

How to submit:
Submit a high quality .png of your artwork or a .pdf of your poem to before the deadline.
Tell us what this piece means to you! Submit a title, your name and city of residence, and a 2-3 sentence statement to be featured alongside your artwork, where applicable.

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