Weekend Business Retreat for Creative Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses / Calls & Submissions

March 25, 2020

Organization Name: Urban Craft Uprising

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: 350


Are you a crafter, maker, or artist who is grappling with the hardships of running your own small business? Are you looking for small business classes, or new ways to connect with other vendors, makers, and creative small business owners while learning new ways to move your business forward? Come join us for a weekend full of educational sessions at our small business retreat, Camp ThunderCraft!

The name ThunderCraft embodies what we hope to accomplish at this Urban Craft Uprising-inspired camp. We all understand that electric charge we get as makers and entrepreneurs when our crafty and business sides come together. When those elements converge, we have a roar which cannot be ignored.

We feel this rumble when we learn new techniques, when we expand our fan base, when we try new approaches and when we realize that “we are onto something.” Camp ThunderCraft gives makers the opportunity to connect with like-minded crafters and artists who understand the drive necessary to be one’s own boss, the obstacles and self-doubt we all experience along the way, and the continued motivation we all seek to keep ourselves productive, accountable, and successful.

This camaraderie is very powerful, and we want you all to leave Camp ThunderCraft feeling ready to tackle new hurdles in your business, inspired to try new ideas and empowered to keep growing your business, while being bolstered by the network and community that we forge together. Because there’s NOTHING better than being your own boss and being able to make a living doing what you love. Plus, camp is gonna be a BLAST!


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