Wintergreen Townhomes Public Art / Calls & Submissions

May 12, 2023

Organization Name: Arts & Humanities Bainbridg

Organization Location: Bainbridge Island, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


Program Name & Location: Wintergreen Townhomes, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Sponsors: Arts and Humanities Bainbridge (AHB), Bainbridge Public Art Committee (PAC) and
the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI)
Honoraria: $30,000 divided between up to 5 selected Artists for up to 5 different pieces
Eligibility : Open to all local artists – Regional (Washington)
Application (Electronic) Deadline : Mar 15 – May 31, 2023
Project Description:
An opportunity to have public art permanently placed in the private townhome community
located at Wintergreen Lane and High School Road. Art will be positioned outdoors, within the
community in high visibility areas such as the entrance and Wintergreen Lane median. Other
possible locations include the common greens in the west and east sections of the community.
Selected works remain on display indefinitely.
Arts Humanities Bainbridge and its Public Art Committee, a sub-committee of Arts Humanities
Bainbridge, has contracted with Wintergreen Townhomes as the program manager facilitating
the above commissions.
About Wintergreen:
Wintergreen aims to provide 73 much-needed local housing units aimed at low and moderate
income range Islanders. Of those 73 units, 31 of them are intended to be income-qualified
affordable housing units – available only to households making 80% or less of Area Median
Income. That means that they would be available only to individuals with a current annual
income of not more than $52k, two-person families earning up to $60k, three-person families
with income of up to $67k et al).
Exhibition Guidelines:
Artwork concept, design and costs must be included with the submission. Or submission can be
a previously completed piece of art with images provided.
Artwork must be of suitable scale for outdoor public art and be of high artistic quality.
Artwork must require only minimal maintenance, if any, and be able to withstand the effects of
weather, be as resistant as possible to vandalism, be able to withstand pedestrian contact, and
not impede pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic passing by.
If the work is selected, each Artist will be required to submit detailed information relating to the
proposed anchoring method and maintenance guidelines
It is the Artist’s responsibility to deliver and oversee installation of their artwork in Sept-Oct of
2023. Artwork cannot be shipped as there is no available storage space or staff available for this
● A budget of $30,000.00 commission for selected Artist(s)
● Marketing and PR to include a feature on Currents, hosted by AHB as well as in local
community publications
● Featured in the Opening Reception events in September of 2023 and promoted by
Bainbridge Downtown Association First Friday Downtown Art Walk/Moonlight Market.
(public / social gatherings permitted)
Oct 2022 Site Tour
Mar 15 Release Request for Proposals to Artists
Apr 1-20 Art jury selection
May 12 Close RFP period
May 15-19 Tour site with artist(s)
May 22-31 Jury convenes to select semi-finalists, then a finalist
June 5 Contract with Artist completed
Sept-Oct Artwork installation
Sept 15 Project completion
Sept 26 Community Event
Sept-Dec Ongoing coordination with stakeholders
Sept-Dec Ongoing publicity
Artists will be featured on the following:
● Bainbridge Currents website (
● City of Bainbridge Island’s website
● Social media platforms
We will link to each Artist’s website for additional exposure of their larger body of work. Each
piece of art will be featured on its own page on Bainbridge Currents throughout the program
Interviews with Artists will potentially be broadcast on Bainbridge Community Broadcasting and shared on the Bainbridge Currents website.
Wintergreen Townhomes and AHB/Public Art Committee will host an Opening Celebration – This
will be dependent on the social distancing requirements at that time.
Each artwork piece will feature a plaque with the name of the Artist and the artwork’s
information about their piece. The plaque will also recognize the project’s sponsors and will
provide contact information for potential purchase.
AHB expects to organize events including guided and self-guided tours of public art on
Bainbridge island.
By submitting an application, the Artist acknowledges that AHB, PAC, and Wintergreen may use
photographs or videos of the Artwork to promote the Public Art Program.
The Artist agrees to be interviewed and videotaped and have the interview appear on
community websites that may include but are not limited to:
● Arts & Humanities Bainbridge
● Currents (AHB’s community cultural website)
● City of Bainbridge Island (COBI)
● City or Community YouTube Channel
● BARN-Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network
● Visit Bainbridge Island
● Bainbridge Community Broadcasting
● Bainbridge island Downtown Association BIDA
● Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce
Selection Process
The Selection Committee will consist of up to five jurors at least, including one PAC
representative, an Artist, and a representative from Wintergreen . The Committee will primarily
be concerned with the quality of the submitted proposal for art. However, background materials
will also be considered. Young and emerging Artists are strongly encouraged to apply.
Submission Process
Each Artist may submit up to five (5) pieces of artwork for review via email to
Artists who do not wish to submit via email may choose to submit directly to AHB using
Dropbox. If submitting using Dropbox, Artists should upload their application materials (as
outlined under ‘Submission Requirements’) as Word documents. All files submitted to Dropbox
must have the Artist’s name included in the file name so that we can keep each Artist’s
application materials together.
Submission Requirements Include:
● Artist’s Resume (no more than 2 pages)
● Artist’s Statement
● Artist’s Contact Information
● Description of Artwork or proposed Artwork
● Indicate preference for site (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 as described below, or no preference)
● 3-5 Images of each submission with annotated Image List: (2000 words limit) – Please
limit artwork to pieces created within the past 10 years. Please include the title,
medium, and dimensions, along with descriptive text (up to 75 words) for each sample.
● Include anticipated installation requirements for each submittal.
Artists wishing to respond to this Call for Artists must submit a written proposal that clearly and
accurately demonstrates their intended approach to this project as well as their experience
performing the services outlined in the scope of work.
Artwork Requirements
● The call is open to regional Washington Artists.
● Exterior artwork must be suitable for the weather conditions and a high level of foot
● Accompanying this Call is a reference exhibit that shows the proposed layout of the site,
and some photos of example locations for public art inside and outside the facility.
● A short proposal statement (300 – 500 words), including:
○ The general nature of your proposed approach to public art for the Wintergreen
Townhomes project.
○ Please be explicit about the medium and method of your art.
● Two or three preliminary sketches that indicate how the proposed artwork will integrate
with the Wintergreen Townhomes project.
Submit your proposal by 4:00 PM PST on Friday, May 12, 2023.
Responses should be sent via email under the subject “Artist for WIntergreen Townhomes” to
Submittals must be received by May 12, 2023. Submittals received after the deadline will not be
Contractual Agreement
This process is being managed and facilitated by AHB, PAC, and Wintergreen Townhomes. The
Artist will be entering into an agreement with Wintergreen Townhomes. Once selected, a
contract between the artist(s) and Wintergreen Townhomes will be created. At that time,
Artists must review the contract prior to submitting their work to be sure they can comply with
all terms and conditions.
Application Deadline: May 12, 2023

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