WOC Online Artist Residency / Residencies

December 20, 2022

Organization Name: World of Co Artist Residency

Organization Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Type: Residencies

Fee: Free


The WOC Online Residency Program helps the international artist community to stay connected and be creative. The program is designed for artists at any stage of their career to link with international creatives from different corners of the planet, and to expand their practice through feedback and mutual support. The participants are able to work on specific projects, to improve their portfolio and to move on when you feel stuck and need help. Through active dialogue, exchanging ideas and critical thinking, the program builds a strong sense of community and artistic collaboration among its participants which lasts after the program ends. In a friendly and supportive atmosphere, WOC helps artists to continue growing, experimenting and improving themselves as artists.


WOC Online Artist Residency is hosted by the independent art organization World of Co.
Since 2017, World of Co has organized artist residency programs in Sofia, Bulgaria, introducing the Bulgarian art and culture to the international artist community, and also presenting foreign artists to the local scene. The mission of World of Co Artist Residency is to create a platform for exploration and experiments for artists, to build bridges between international artists and to support their art practice.

Regular meetings and activities throughout the month. Approximately three sessions per week.
Weekly live group meetings with fellow artists, focused on your work – discussion and exchange, helping you to conceptualize your art projects moderated by WOC team.
Building an effective online presence as an artist. Individual advice on your website and social media channels moderated by web and graphic designer
Internal meetups and discussions with previous WOC artists
Exhibit your project in our online gallery at the end of the residency program
Presenting you on the World of Co website and social media channels (Instagram and Facebook)
Become part of our international artists’ network, consisting of more than 250 artists across the globe
Receive an official certificate of participation

Every residency program starts on the 5th day of the month and finishes on the 30th. All of the activities will be held at Google meets. Before the beginning of the program, the World of Co team will send you a monthly schedule with all of the activities and links. Every schedule is created considering the different time zones of the participants and, in others, the timing to be suitable for everybody.
Participatory and respective attitude towards all participants and the WOC team
Willingness to learn, to experiment and to show work in progress or drafts in sessions
Attend residency sessions or inform us if you are not able
Time and space for reflection
Good internet connection


The online program is open to emerging and mid-career visual artists, multidisciplinary artists, mixed media artists, painters, textile artists, illustrators, designers, writers, sound artists, curators and art researchers from all around the world.


You can apply for one-month, two or three-month residency programs. In order to get a full experience of the program, we suggest you participate for longer than a month.

One-month program – 260 EUR
Two-months program – 460 EUR
Three-months program – 660 EUR

Note: If you are applying for external scholarship or funding, World of Co can assist you with necessary documents like invitation letter and other.

Apply until December 20th 2023 on the following link : https://worldof.co/apply/


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