Seattle Housing Authority / Yesler Terrace AIR Program / Call for Artists

January 1, 1970

Type: N/A


SHA is seeking 1-2 qualified artist(s) to participate in a One Year Artist Residency associated with the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace (YT) as an Artist in Residence, hereafter referred to as “AIR”.

This program is part of a multi-year initiative that brings arts and culture programs to the Yesler community. Artists are defined as dynamic thinkers interested in engaging with the world through creative forms. Artists and teaching artists working in all disciplines, such as visual arts, performance, dance, and literary arts, are encouraged to apply.

AIR duties include:

• Creating experiences, enabling collaboration, and building relationships through direct involvement with Yesler neighborhood residents. AIR programs may include but are not limited to community conversations, performances, social actions, events, temporary art installations, and workshops; and serve a range of Yesler community members;
• Working with neighborhood service providers and surrounding area institutions to foster new relationships and strengthen community; and
• Helping to consider and respond to the challenges and needs of the Yesler community at large as it navigates a period of major development and transformation.

The residency prioritizes engagement with process and ideas over the AIR’s individual production of art work. Residency activities will be developed by the AIR in consultation with SHA staff and Yesler stakeholders over the period of the residency and should rise to the needs of this particular community. For example, artists might work towards developing greater social cohesion, helping to recapture a sense belonging and ownership in a neighborhood of culturally- and economically-diverse occupants, or helping position cultural pride and heritage as positive drivers of community development as the neighborhood evolves.

Residency activities may take place at various sites around the Yesler neighborhood, including communal indoor and outdoor spaces, gardens, and resident buildings.

Scope of Work:
The selected AIR Artists shall be asked to perform the following tasks:

• Conduct research related to YT history and culture, including through resident interviews, meeting with SHA staff, and reviewing available media and materials related to YT and the YT redevelopment project

• Attend regular community meetings and celebrations as both participant and provider

• Work with SHA staff and planning teams to develop, implement, and assess artist programs for neighborhood audiences, and other SHA communities, as needed. Connect with other community artists and partners.

• Directly engage YT and surrounding area community members and stakeholders at various points during the planning, implementation and at end of their respective project.

• Integrate the interests and preferences of YT residents into all activities as appropriate

• Contribute to supporting activities associated with the overall art program for YT, such as project evaluation and presentations of work to varying stakeholders

• Manage administrative aspects of the position, including budgets and schedule management, program proposals, regular programmatic meetings with coordinating SHA staff, and documenting project activities for programmatic purposes

Schedule: It is anticipated that the work may begin between February and May 2019 and will continue for a period of 12 months. Exact start and end dates, as well as position hours and time, are flexible and will be mutually determined by the AIR and SHA. Each AIR is expected to commit to the equivalent of a 15 hour per week commitment over time. Consistent and flexible availability for community engagement activities is strongly encouraged.

Estimated Amount: The Seattle Housing Authority has a $24,000.00 budget per AIR (contract) which is inclusive of artist’s fees, permits (if applicable), all associated program costs, applicable City of Seattle licensing costs and/or Washington State sales/use tax. This residency program does not include AIR housing.