“You Are Not Alone” Group Gallery Show / Calls & Submissions

February 20, 2023

Organization Name: Living Artists Collective

Organization Location: Seattle, WA

Type: Calls & Submissions

Fee: Free


The Living Artists Collective invites Seattle-area artists to apply for our April 2023 show at Belltown’s Slip Gallery with a theme of “You are not alone.” Submitted visual artwork should have a singular focus, emphasizing its individuality or aloneness. The united works will explore what is created when all these individual pieces come together in conversation and community.

Our goal is to remind folks through art and community gatherings that there are others out there who care for them and want to share in their experiences. This is in keeping with LAC’s mission to support local artists by helping them remain and thrive in the Seattle area.

We interpret “visual art” as broadly as possible, and will consider all submissions. They could be in classic mediums like painting and sculpture, or it could be performance art, installations, digital art, etc. Some examples of subject matter or concept may be: portraits, single-object still-life, pieces depicting alone-ness, pieces missing something essential, or even pieces that are separate but speak to another artwork you submit yourself or in collaboration with another artist.

Throughout the month we will host musical performances, presentations, networking nights, and other events in the space with the goal of creating a “third place” for the art community to gather. All programming will be in keeping with the theme and will promote connection among artists, art supporters, and the broader Seattle community.


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