Rockland Residency will host its first Black cohort January 31-February 11, 2025! This residency will be held at Rockland Woods on the Kitsap peninsula, just a 90 minute ferry and drive west of Seattle. Seven selected residents will be supported by Program Manager, Negarra A. Kudumu and On-Site facilitator, Aviona Rodriguez-Brown. There are no expectations tied to this opportunity, other than full participation. Residents are expected to arrive on the first day and stay until the very end. Rockland uses the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid to support its residents with the base layers in order to aim for the highest layer of Self-Actualization.

This new residency is open to Black artists aged 25 years and older living and working in the United States. We do not accept students enrolled in an art degree program. We are committed to offering opportunities to dedicated artists with competitive work samples at any stage in their career. To intentionally avoid access bias, resumes are not a part of the application. Instead, we do a comprehensive review of the works submitted.

Collaborative teams of 2-3 people maximum are welcome to apply. Due to limited space, we ask that collaborative teams share live/work space.

A chef will provide lunch and dinner so the residents do not have to consider meals when trying to produce creative work. Rockland strives to remove common life obstacles from the creative process. This is a free opportunity.