Professional Development

Artist Trust offers professional development programs that help artists of all disciplines across Washington State professionalize their art-making practice and establish and maintain successful careers.


Our workshops provide practical instruction through lectures, presentations, and exercises covering the business skills essential to your art career. Led by established artists and arts professionals, workshops are offered statewide and include topics such as taxes and finance, legal issues, grantwriting, promotions, social media, and many more.


Writing an Artist Statement / Auburn

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Networking & Elevator Speeches / Auburn

Description The elevator speech is often used in the business world. It’s based on the idea that you only have the time it takes to get from the top to bottom floor of a building to introduce yourself and your work. In this workshop, led by Artist Trust program manager Lydia Boss, you’ll develop your elevator speech, practice telling your story, and learn effective networking techniques to build on the connections you make in the arts community. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be more comfortable talking about yourself and your work and be prepared for your next networking opportunity. Takeaways • A professional elevator speech • Understanding of networking principles • Strategies for effective networking in the art world • Networking opportunities to pursue Read More


Art Business Night School

Art Business Night School is a series of career-training workshops that teach artists about the business of being an artist. Designed for artists of all disciplines, the workshops provide a comprehensive survey of strategies, tools, and best practices through a hands-on, interactive curriculum and emphasize community building through knowledge-sharing, mentorship, and networking.

Based on Artist Trust’s long-running EDGE program, a national model for artist career training, this multi-week series focus on business, promotions, applying for opportunities, and other topics and are led by practicing artists and arts professionals.

Artist Trust x Gage Academy of Art: Professional Development for Visual Artists


Artist Trust x Gage Academy of Art: Professional Development for Visual Artists

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Office Hours

Office Hours is a free grantwriting support program for artists of all disciplines looking for advice on how to apply for funding from Artist Trust. In these one-on-one meetings, our staff explain the application process, provide feedback on grants, and answer questions about funding programs.

Each appointment is 20 minutes long, and RSVP is required via email. The appointments are participants driven, so come prepared with questions. If you have application materials you’d like us to review in advance, contact Zach at at least three days in advance of your appointment.

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Town Halls

Town Halls bring together artists, arts leaders, supporters, and stakeholders to discuss issues, policies, and resources impacting the livelihood of artists. Past Town Hall discussions include affordable housing, balancing art-making with financial sustainability, and the art of failure.

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