Artists Thrive Rubric

by | Dec 12, 2018

Artists Thrive is a “rubric,” a dynamic measurement tool that invites a holistic valuation of artists. It helps us see what we are doing now, and what we could do differently to improve conditions for artists. It is aspirational, not judgmental because it outlines a spectrum of performance to spur continuous improvement among artists, arts professionals, and others who work with—or want to work with—artists.

Please share your responses, suggestions, ideas and more on how to improve the Artists rubric below. This initial web platform is designed to collect your input row by row. It also provides space for your overall reflections and contributions.

This is a DRAFT, first attempts at putting into words how artists do and don’t thrive. The rubric will be changed, expanded, and clarified based on your input. Your responses might flow from thoughts like these:
– How might I use the rubric to assess my work?
– Which parts would are most useful?
– What is clear and strong? What is confusing? What is missing?

Contribute and collaborate on perfecting the rubric!

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