Creating a Living Legacy Toolkit

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Artist Trust worked to expand the awareness, discussion and management related to archiving and documenting artwork through the support of Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) program. The following information is excerpted from the CALL program’s support materials and provided as a resource for visual artists seeking legacy planning and archiving information.

Career documentation includes all aspects of your career as an artist. It is a system created to document, detail, and demonstrate the interconnection of your artwork, exhibition history, contacts and archives.

Many artists begin inventorying their work by creating photo documentation of artworks. Photographing and storing your artwork can be a first step in the documentation process, but it should not be confused with the creation of a complete archive. A comprehensive system of career documentation requires an overarching, organizational structure that documents all aspects of your career and catalogues their interconnection, including artwork and archive materials, sales and exhibition history, and contacts.

Toolkit Articles

  1. An Introduction to Career Documentation
  2. Getting Started & Setting Goals
  3. Getting Assistance
  4. First Steps with Assistants
  5. Photographing Your Work
  6. The Physical Inventory
  7. Online Conversation Resources
  8. The Record-keeping System
  9. Budgeting
  10. Storage & Storage Systems for Artists
  11. FAQ