Personal Health Advocates

by | Dec 12, 2018

Washington Health Foundation’s Personal Health Advocates Program is something that is typically reserved for those in Fortune 100 businesses,. One of Washington’s most influential non-profit organizations is making it available to everyone. The 501(c)(3) Washington Health Foundation (WHF) has designed and developed an innovative program to help small employers, non-profits, independent workers – in fact….all Washingtonians access free and low-cost health and health care services and support.

Our economy is in a period of transition. It is becoming more and more dependent on small businesses and independent workers. This new paradigm will lead future business managers, consultants, and freelancers to seek access to a model that supports effective business transactions and productive workers outside of the corporate legal, accounting, and Human Resources departments.

Outsourced attorneys and accountants have been available for years at an hourly rate. More recently technological support and even human resources have become available as fee-based rather than in-house services. One of the things that makes WHF’s service so powerful and innovative is that it is available at no additional charge. The payment is built into the health insurance rates that you are already paying.

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