Tenant Rights During COVID-19 Livestream Webinar

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This live-streamed webinar provides an overview of Washington State’s COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium. Dinah Braccio, Tenant Education Coordinator for the Tenants Union of Washington State, discusses the moratorium on both residential and commercial evictions, what to do if your landlord violates it, and other aspects of tenant rights. A Q&A follows the conversation.

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About the Tenants Union of Washington State
The mission of the Tenants Union (TU) is to create housing justice through empowerment-based education, outreach, leadership development, organizing, and advocacy. Founded in 1977, the TU carries on a proud legacy of work to create concrete improvements in tenants’ living conditions and challenge and transform unjust housing policies and practices. As a membership organization, the TU’s work is grounded in the strong conviction that tenants must be the leaders of efforts to transform our housing conditions and communities. The TU embraces the values of equality, hope, tenant leadership, respect, direct action, civic courage, racial and economic justice, and self-determination. Learn more at tenantsunion.org or call them at 206-723-0500:

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