Washington State Health Care Authority

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The Health Care Authority oversees eight health care programs.

Basic Health
Basic Health is a state-sponsored program that provides affordable health care coverage to low-income Washington residents.

Health Technology Assessment
The primary purpose of HTA is to ensure medical treatments and services paid for with state health care dollars are safe and proven to work.

Medicaid and Medical Assistance Programs
Medicaid is the largest Washington State medical assistance program, providing health care coverage to approximately 1.2 million low-income Washington residents. About two-thirds of Medicaid’s clients are children covered by Apple Health for Kids. Medicaid’s costs are shared by the state and federal governments.

Prescription Drug Program
The goal of the Prescription Drug Program is to develop an evidence-based prescription drug program to identify preferred drugs for use by the participating programs (UMP, L&I, and Medicaid); make prescription drugs more affordable to Washington residents and state health care programs; and, increase public awareness regarding the safe and cost-effective use of prescription drugs.

Public Employees Benefits Board
The state of Washington, through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) program, provides medical, dental, life, and long-term disability coverage (and offers optional insurances) through private health insurance plans to eligible state and higher-education employees as a benefit of employment.

Uniform Medical Plan
The Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) is a self-insured, preferred provider health insurance plan available to PEBB enrollees worldwide.

Washington Health Program
Today, more than ever, people need access to the health care coverage. More than 160,000 Washingtonians are waiting for Basic Health or have lost Basic Health coverage. Through the Washington Health Program, we’re offering residents access to health care coverage.

Washington Wellness
Washington Wellness (WW) works to make healthy choices easier for state employees, retirees, and their dependents; improve the productivity of state employees; and positively impact the medical cost trend of state health plans’ enrollees.

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