Supporter Spotlight: Sandi Bransford

Published: December 24, 2018

Categories: Donors | Spotlight

When you support our fall fund drive before December 31, you join fellow donors like Sandi Bransford who believe that Washington State artists should have the resources and funding to take risks, fuel change, and lead our creative communities bravely into the future. If you’re an artist like Sandi, learn more about how becoming an Artist Trust member supports your fellow artists!

Sandi Bransford has been supporting Artist Trust for over a decade, including regular donations of her work to the annual Benefit Art Auction. As an artist herself, Sandi understands firsthand the impact of unshakeable support for Washington State artists. We recently spoke with her about why she continues her long relationship with Artist Trust both as an artist and supporter.

As an artist, how have you seen Artist Trust impact your peers and creative community in Washington State?
All artists need business skills to succeed! Artist Trust provides access to ongoing workshops focused on business skill development. I have personally attended one of those weekend workshops and benefitted greatly. I also enjoyed meeting new and established artists in attendance.

I always check out the Artist Trust website for opportunities to submit and show artwork locally as well as national calls. The monthly newsletter also notes grant application deadlines and upcoming art events. I recently attended an open studio event for glass artist Preston Singletary, and I enjoyed seeing his amazing work in person.

You’ve attended our annual Benefit Art Auction several times. What value do you see in the event and what keeps you coming back?
The annual auction is always great fun! I have attended, donated art, and purchased art over the years. It’s always exciting to see the art and meet the artists.

With all of the organizations out there that are worthy of support right now, why do you think people should choose to support artists and Artist Trust?
Artist Trust continues to build a long and solid reputation as a resource for emerging and established artists in the community. Getting your career started in the beginning can feel overwhelming—as a source of information and support, Artist Trust is there.