Thank you, COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund Donors!

Published: May 14, 2021

Categories: COVID-19 | Donors

Artwork Detail: Barry Johnson, 2018 GAP recipient 

Deep gratitude to the 60 donors that came together, along with staff and the AT board of trustees, to create the second phase of the COVID-19 Artist Trust Relief Fund! Over $200,000 has reached 134 artists in financial need from the pandemic. Interested in continuing to support artists now? Click here to support our spring campaign, or email us at with your feedback and ideas.

Anonymous: 10
Peter Abrahamsen
Henry Aronson
Claudia Bach
Julia and Kim Baker
Daniel and Pam Baty
Michael Bolasina
Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation
Dennis Braddock
Elizabeth Bruning
Dirk Park and Jaq Chartier
John Christenson
Betsy and Peter Currie
Thomas Daly
Cara Diaconoff
Diane Divelbess
Robert Falk
Bonnie Fought
Cezanne Garcia and David Grossman
Melanie Gillette
Daniel and Michelle Glasser
Simon Henneman and Kristina Goetz
Don Gray
Liz Hart
Jenny Hayes
Scott Henkle
Chris and Jan Hopkins
Tom Hower
Stephen Huerta
Erin Langner
Christopher and Alida Latham
Jay Lazerwitz
Lillian Miller Educational Foundation
Jacqueline Linayao
Jeffrey Lo
Laura Lorber
Nancy Mee and Dennis Evans
Karen Mobley
Coe Tug Morgan
Northwest Collage Society
Oriental Royal Arch Masons #19
Byron Oxford
Mary Pigott
Erica Reevee
Drew Reitz
Francisco Rodriguez
Jean Rohrschneider
Cathy Sarkowsky
Christian Swenson
Subhadra Terhanian
Kevin Twohig
Irene Phuong Van
Susan and Kenneth Wagner